Jeff Stevens

Transforming the Shadle Area

Jeff Stevens, Audubon Downriver Neighborhood Council Vice-Chair, No Phone Number Available

Wednesday, May 22, 2019 at 9:39 a.m.

Transforming the Shadle Area

Do you live, shop, work or visit the Shadle area? If you answered yes, it is now time for you to help shape the future of the Shadle area!

The Audubon-Downriver Neighborhood Council and the Northwest Neighborhood Council (NWNC) are working with City Planning staff and a consultant, SCJ Alliance, to develop a neighborhood plan for the area around the Shadle shopping center, which includes Shadle Park, the Shadle Public Library, Shadle Park High School and Glover Middle School. The shopping center and the public amenities nearby provide a wide variety of commercial and public services to people living in both neighborhoods and the surrounding area.

It’s time to envision the next phase of the Shadle area’s evolution. When completed, the neighborhood plan will provide an enhanced community vision that improves walkability, public safety, access to services, and the overall neighborhood character. The process will also have a user-friendly, step-by-step outline for future action, developed in partnership with community members, businesses, partners, and residents.

We encourage all that live, shop, work, and visit the Shadle area to become involved in this neighborhood planning process. As a valuable member of our community, we appreciate your input about the future of our neighborhoods. We expect to have multiple, fun opportunities for all to get involved, including an online survey, open houses, workshops and more over the spring and summer. The City will be sharing updates regarding the scheduled planning events as well as other ways that you can participate in this process. Your input is very important!

Jeff resides in the Audubon Downriver neighborhood and currently serves as vice-chair of the Audubon Downriver Neighborhood Council (ADNC).

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