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Kids Enjoy Smarter Summer Break

Jeff Humphrey, Media Content Coordinator, 509.625.6308

Thursday, August 8, 2019 at 2:34 p.m.

This summer, the City of Spokane and the Spokane Transit Authority opened the doors to adventure for more than five thousand kids including Lilielyn Hosier.

“Just taking the bus, I’ve been going to the pool. Just like, going to parks hanging out with friends going to the mall, stuff like that,” Lilielyn said of how she’s been using the Spokane Youth Card.

Lilielyn signed up for her card by registering at her neighborhood library; a clever way of connecting kids with all the cool things our libraries have to offer.

“Just come up to the front desk and provide their Spokane Public Schools student ID number and PIN or, if they are not a Spokane Public Schools student, but live in the City of Spokane, they can also use their youth card,” explained Amanda Donovan, Director of Communications for the Spokane Public Library.

More than 3000 kids have used their youth cards to ride STA buses at no charge. Not only are youngsters learning to use our transit system, but navigating their way to other free activities.

“They can use this card to ride the bus all over the City of Spokane or anywhere STA goes and they can also use it for free skate rental,” Donovan added. rental,” Donovan added.

Forty four percent of the card-carrying kids live north of Wellesley Avenue. The first day the cards were offered at the Hillyard Library, the line of applicants stretched out the front door.

Parents, feel the youth card program has made summer fun a lot more accessible to their children.

“We did have one woman call who had heard about the card and she just couldn’t believe it was true and once we reassured her, that yes, her student would be able to ride the bus for free, all summer long using this card, she actually burst into tears on the phone,” Donovan recalled.

Spokane’s mayor came up with the Spokane Youth Card concept. The program that gives kids a chance to learn and explore is part of Condon’s strategic initiative promoting a smarter, healthier Spokane.

“Getting families, getting kids, getting people together and making sure they continue to learn, continue to recreate and coming together as a city,” Condon said.

There are still several hundred Spokane Youth Card passes available. For more information on the program that runs through September 15, contact the Spokane Public Library.

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