Kirstin Davis

Parking Study Progress

Kirstin Davis, Communications Manager, 509.625.7773

Friday, August 9, 2019 at 9:38 a.m.

Parking Study Progress

In our March article we told you about the findings and recommendations from the Downtown Parking Study evaluating our existing system and gave us 20 strategies to consider implementing. We want to update you on the progress since then.

As we digested the findings and moved towards planning, we recognized the need for additional expertise in order to help us create a parking technology roadmap, and assist us in purchasing new hardware and software.

Technology is changing fast, and as technology changes, it changes how people park, and has made Spokane’s parking system outdated and confusing. We want to make parking simple to find, and payment consistent, fast and user friendly. Our goal is to increase customer satisfaction through the implementation of innovative technology.

Through a competitive process, DIXON Resources Unlimited was selected to come on as our “coach” for this highly specialized public service over the next two years. Their proven expertise for parking technology, enforcement optimization, citation and permit management, procurement and implementation has won awards across the country. We are excited to move from game strategy to the playing field!

Did you know? The parking system is paid for by parking revenue and not by taxes? The revenue generated goes right back into the parking system. Spokane Municipal Code 07.08.130 has more information on the parking system fund.

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