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Make time for Safety Improvements this Fall

Julie Banks, Neighborhood Safety Committee, No Phone Number Available

Friday, October 18, 2019 at 10:34 a.m.

Make time for Safety Improvements this Fall

As we flip the calendar, thoughts turn to the changing season and how the rhythms of daily life are reflected in the cooler temperatures and shorter days. Fall activities can include attending to basic household safety precautions. Now is the time to check and replace the batteries in smoke alarms and service the furnace for winter’s use. Testing the temperature and pressure relief valve on the water heater can prevent expensive and dangerous home repairs. A quick Google search offers resources for proper maintenance, including YouTube videos.

Awareness of personal safety can include wearing reflective clothing outdoors to increase visibility in the shorter daylight hours. This applies to children and pets, too. And with kids back in school, drivers need to be aware of school zone speeds and pay attention to children walking and riding bicycles. Parents can have peace of mind knowing their children are safe walking or riding to school if they are in a group, like a walking school bus. The Spokane Regional Health District is organizing neighborhood volunteers to help lead Safe Routes to School initiatives, like walking school bus. Contact your local school or call the health district at 324-1539 for more information.

These are a few ideas that can help keep you, your family and your neighborhood safe. Let us know your suggestions or share with your neighborhood council. To learn more about your neighborhood council meeting time and location, visit our neighborhood councils page.

About the Author
Julie Banks is long-time Spokane resident and is the Chair of the Neighborhood Safety Committee.

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