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Results of Downtown Plan Update Workshop

Nathan Gwinn, Assistant Planner II, 509.625.6893

Friday, December 13, 2019 at 5:02 p.m.

Results of Downtown Plan Update Workshop

Last fall, the City of Spokane and Downtown Spokane Partnership hosted a workshop to incorporate your ideas into the planning process for the Spokane Downtown Plan update. The City is sharing initial feedback and encouraging your involvement in the process.

Consultants from Framework joined the planning team to facilitate a public workshop in October, which incorporated early results of an online survey, held from October 14-November 4. Workshop participants had a chance to share their ideas for sustaining and growing Downtown as a regional destination for shopping, entertainment and employment, as well as the needs of new and existing residents and businesses.  Participants flagged challenges and opportunities for Downtown on a map, and gave input on a vision wall writing exercise along with interactive boards, live polling, and moderated Q&A.  We also heard from 590 survey respondents who shared feedback about issues like streets, housing, and parks.

To read more about the workshop and survey, check out the presentation and more detailed breakdowns of results at the Spokane Downtown Plan project page.

What’s next?

The planning team is using initial survey and workshop results to shape a draft vision and goals for Downtown development that will guide development, design, and regulatory recommendations over the next decade.  A report on existing conditions Downtown is also nearing completion.  The City encourages everyone to continue providing feedback through the process as leaders consider these important decisions about future development Downtown.

Stay involved

You are invited to participate by providing written comments and attending upcoming events scheduled throughout the process posted in the announcements at the City’s project page.

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