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Mayor’s Initiatives Made Spokane Better Place to Live

Jeff Humphrey, Media Manager, 509.625.6308

Tuesday, December 17, 2019 at 3:31 p.m.

Spokane’s smoother streets, a cleaner river and better customer service all have one thing in common: Mayor David Condon.

Eight years ago, Condon decided to raise the bar for performance in and around city hall.

Condon envisioned a safer, smarter healthier place for us to live and then, with the City Council’s help, the mayor created the “One Spokane” plan; a road map for success.

Condon took on the expensive but necessary task of protecting the Spokane River from pollution.

As part of the One Spokane plan, about two dozen underground holding tanks now prevent untreated combined stormwater and sewage from reaching our river.

“Having the Spokane River is an incredible resource for everyone. It’s an amazing asset to Spokane and I hope we continue to protect the Spokane River. I love seeing that the city and everybody is getting behind preserving the water quality and the fish, and hopefully that continues,” said Sean Visintainer, owner of the Silverbow Flyshop.

Mayor Condon and the council also shared our concerns about city streets, completing miles of grind and overlay projects, experimenting with new ways to prevent potholes and, making renovations to our arterials with a mind for pedestrian and cyclist safety.

The improvements prompted Dale Kleist to open his latest business venture, the Union Tavern, on a revitalized East Sprague.

“I chose Sprague Avenue for the reasons of affordability, and you know, the street project that cleaned everything up, and the way the neighborhood is coming around. I think in the near future it will be the place to be,” Kleist predicted.

The mayor also stepped up our annual war on winter weather, doubling the number of plows outfitted with gates to help keep snow berms out of driveways.

Condon and the council also wanted to make it easier for people to access the city’s programs and services.

By dialing 311 or, chatting with operators on line, residents can do everything from downsizing their trash can to reporting illegal camping.

Doug Trudeau, the owner of Trudeau’s Marina feels the city has placed a new emphasis on customer service.

“What I’ve recognized is there’s a lot of people with the city doing a lot of hard work to make our neighborhoods better and 311 is a good example of that,” said Trudeau.

Condon credits city employees with coming up with new ways to more efficiently provide city services and make sure taxpayers get the best bang for their buck.

“And that’s what’s exciting, is to see those employees who have spent a career here, continue to innovate, continue to look at things in a new way so we can focus on the outcome for our citizens,” Mayor David Condon said.

David Condon has left his mark on dozens of city projects, including the Numerica Skate Ribbon, but unlike several plaques that bear his name, Condon hopes his initiatives will keep moving forward.

Spokane’s forty- fourth mayor is leaving behind a long list of achievements that will serve residents for years to come.

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