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The Next 100 Days

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Tuesday, October 13, 2020 at 7:30 p.m.

The Next 100 Days

Updated 10/14/2020

A lot has happened this year, including a global pandemic that has organizations around the world learning and refining their operations.

Mayor Nadine Woodward’s Next 100 Days Plan sets a clear direction and expectations for the City organization as it continues delivering the services and outcomes the community expects, works through a budget process impacted by the global pandemic, and makes key leadership hires.

The plan is the result of weeks of meetings with Woodward’s leadership team as individuals and as a group. She has also discussed the plan individually with members of the City Council.

Over the next 100 days, the City will:

  • Shift its organizational structure to align to more traditional industry standards to prepare it to be flexible, innovative, forward-thinkers when the situation requires a different approach
  • Pilots a leadership structure that aligns more closely to strategic work in the areas of Public Safety and Health, Public Infrastructure, Resident Experience, Management Information, and Budget, and Internal Services
  • Establishes clear expectations for operational priorities through the end of the year

Strategic area leads have been identified from existing division leaders with the exception of Public Safety and Health. A lead in that area will be identified at a later date and focus primarily on budgetary and financial opportunities for greater efficiencies.

The plan emphasizes collaboration, communication, and relationships within the City organization and with community partners. It is in a pilot phase through the end of the year, will be refined in January, and finalized by February.

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