Megan Hill

Volunteer Program has its Rewards

Megan Hill, City Volunteer, No Phone Number Available

Tuesday, October 20, 2020 at 5:17 p.m.

Volunteer Program has its Rewards

Murals are a common sight in Spokane and they beautify blank building walls and tunnels around town. Graffiti is a much different animal – while it can add color to the landscape it is a nuisance and detracts from the community.

In September, during two absolutely perfect sunny afternoons, I helped paint over graffiti in and around downtown Spokane, which is part of the volunteer program through the City. It was a great experience – I derived so much satisfaction from helping clean up and beautify the city while doing my civic duty.

The two City employees in charge of the program, Luis and Mike, were awesome to work with. They both worked side by side with the volunteers. The program was organized and efficient.

There was instant gratification when rolling the grey paint over a wall “littered” with graffiti. As a group we talked about the possibility of more graffiti being painted right over our paint, but we decided it was completely worth it to be part of the solution rather than just be unhappy with unwanted painting.

The Mayor even came down and helped paint one especially large wall. It was great to be part of that team.

I look forward to more opportunities to keep Spokane beautiful and clean. I have already signed up for park clean up and will jump at the opportunity to paint over graffiti again! Thank you to the volunteer coordinators of the city!

If you would like to learn more about the City’s Volunteer Program visit the volunteer page.

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