Julie Humphreys

Blessing on Patrol

Julie Humphreys, Communications Manager, Public Safety, 509.622.5868

Tuesday, November 24, 2020 at 2:13 p.m.

Blessing on Patrol

Since COVID, drive-by celebrations are the new norm. Spokane Police Department gets many requests to help people mark birthdays, graduations and other milestones with officers showing up in a police car and uniform. Such was the case back in August when a young man with special needs turned 12. His drive-by celebration was very small but that was all the more reason Corporal Erin Blessing made such an impact on Victor. Not only did Cpl. Blessing drive by, wave and wish Victor well, she dropped off a gift bag and cash which Victor’s mom said was “above and beyond”. Mom says Victor clung to Cpl. Blessing like saran wrap!

Tragically, a week later, Victor lost his new baby sister. She was just 2 months old. The loss devastated the entire family and Victor took it very hard. Once again on Halloween, Cpl. Blessing stepped in and offered Victor hope and joy. Cpl. Blessing was on patrol Halloween night when Victor was out trick or treating. His mom says he saw Cpl. Blessing across the street and “went berserk”! Here are her words, in part, in an email to SPD.

“For this one night, he smiled. Cpl. Blessing was his soft landing spot, as he said. "She's my favorite & I'm her favorite too," he told us later. He's ADHD & has Asperger's, he is emotionally very young. Cpl. Blessing went to her trunk & had a special treat for him. It was the first thing he ate when he got home. He was happy the cookie didn't go into quarantine! So please extend my thanks to her. She's an angel. Let her know that she gave him such joy, for the short time. Please let all your officers know how much they can mean to a child, or even an adult. Cpl. Blessing made his day, again! Thanks for making him smile & feeling happy. Through the darkness, there's always light. Cpl. Blessing was his light. God Bless you all and be safe.”

Victor’s mom says he has always wanted to be a police officer and is convinced someday he and Cpl. Blessing can be partners! And as is often the case in life, these chance encounters have ripple effects. Cpl. Blessing says running into Victor on Halloween made her night and the story of the impact she’s had on him brings her to tears.

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