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2022 City of Spokane Employee Awards

Jessica Fisher, Public Information Coordinator, 509.625.6749

Thursday, April 13, 2023 at 5:11 p.m.

2022 City of Spokane Employee Awards

City of Spokane employees gathered at the Pavilion in Riverfront Park for the 2022 City of Spokane Employee of the Year Awards! The ceremony recognized employees for their outstanding performance, special efforts and accomplishments. This year’s awards included the inaugural life saving award, employee of the year award, and team of the year award.

2022 Life Saving Award - Kelly Stevens

Life Saving Award – Kelly Stevens

Kelly is our first ever Life Saving Award winner! On March 25, 2022, after observing a citizen struggling Kelly ran over to perform lifesaving CPR. It is because of acts like this, one of our community members has a second chance. Kelly is an amazing example of the people that we want representing the City of Spokane. Thank you Kelly!

2022 Employee of the Year - Ryan Couch

Employee of the Year – Ryan Couch

Ryan works in the Human Resource Department as a Human Resources Analyst II! He understands our employee’s needs, while providing training, development, and compliance, ensuring workplace safety. Ryan’s passion and enthusiasm is contagious. Congratulations to our Employee of the Year, Ryan!

2022 Team of the Year - Snowplow Team

Team of the Year – Snowplow Team

The Snowplow Team is a diverse group of employees who come together to deliver a critical service that helps keep Spokane moving. Led by the Street Department, plows, deicers, graders, and front-end loaders are operated by employees from Streets, Water, and Wastewater, and supported by the Fleet Services team, the MySpokane 311 customer service staff and other administrative support. Those who are plowing work 24 hours a day in 12 hour shifts until the work is done; a full-City plow effort takes a minimum of 3 days.

Thank you, to the entire Snowplow team!

Snowplow Team
Aaron Eirls Jake Higgins Mike Knapp
Aaron Vangrimbergen Jake Stillman Mike Kreitz
Adam Bromley Jake Tolliver Mitchel Porter
Adam Cole James Arsenault Nathan Gaudette
Adam Russell James Biggar Nathan Higgins
AJ Marshall James Bockstruck Nicholas Campbell
Alan Belcher James Browning Nichole Churchill
Aleksandar Loncar James Dykes Nichole Hanshaw
Alex Emenegger James Henke Nick Heywood
Alex Mizner James Lepene Nick Hulquist
Alex Smith James Nay Nick Shenefelt
Alex Werner James Ortiz Norm Connolly
Allen Feider James Simpson Osman Orellana
Andrew Searl Jared Burgess Parker Richards
Andy McGee Jared Thomas Patricia Kendall – Bauer
Austin Bohn Jason Herron Paul Sellers
Ben Rostenhal Jason Stone Paxton Pilkinton
Ben Snipes Jay Manning Peter Robinson
Ben Toombs Jeff Humphrey Peter Venable
Bill Crocker Jeff Westberg Phil Witter
Bo Morse Jeremiah Binschus Quentin Arquette
Bob King Jeremy Adams Ray Foster
Brad Koller Jeremy Coulter Rebecca Roloff
Brandon Grimm Jesse Forderer Rex Reishus
Brett Imholt Jesse Long Rich Engh
Brett Matiska Jesse Weston Richard Garringer
Brett Smith Jessica Fisher Richard Gralapp
Brian Clouse Jeston Burnett Richard Smawley
Brian Hartling JJ Becker Rob Bacon
Brody Scott Joaquin Leal Rob Riddle
Bruce Babnick Joe Wright Rob Wright
Bryan McKeen John Crahen Rob Zorrozua
Caleb Painter John Creed Robby Cartwright
Cameron Baker John Nett Robert Claussen
Cameron Peden John Stenbeck Robert Dickinson
Carl Cline Jon Klapp Robert VanBlaricom
Chad Omoto Jon Kowitz Robin Berry
Charles Carrell Jon Zenger Rod Mann
Charlie Hanshaw Joseph Roloff Ron Chevalier
Chris Bastin Josh Mitchell Ron Kienbaum
Chris Bierce Josh Nicholson Ron Layman
Chris Cafaro Josh Wright Ronald Vancurler
Chris Coffey Joshua Hoffman Ryan Fletcher
CJ Gurske Joshua Kent Ryan Forney
Cody Poole Julian Walker Ryan Schelin
Corey Walleigh Justin Howerton Santos Moreno
Corey Zwarg Justin Leckner Sarah Brown
Daniel Clark Justin Martello Sarah Martz
Darrell Newton Justin Martinez Sascha Hoffman
Darrick Peacock Justin Shogren Scott Inman
Dave Campbell Kelly Patrick Scott Ives
Dave Frey Kelly Stevens Scott Sprecher
Dave Hanshaw Kenten Downing Scott Wischmann
Dave Heckler Kevin Major Sean Barley
Dave Hendrickson Kevin Taylor Sean Denison
David Gregg Kim Winger Sean Donovan
David W Wessling Kirstin Davis Sean Jubinville
Dennis Raney Kyle Beck Shane Davis
Derek Peterson Kyle Perez Shaun Krantz
Don Agopsowicz Kyle Werner Shaun Mashtare
Doug Beal Lance Hudkins Stacy Sponcler
Doug Froehlich Larry Tieken Stephanie Foster
Dylan Swannack Les Curtis Steve McGoldrick
Ed Friedrick Leslie Green Steve Owen
Ed Hare Levi James Steve Ruebusch
Eddie Ramierez Lisa Hayes Tamar Powers
Emerson Kaesmeyer Lisa Laney Tanner Jacobs
Emily Thompson Lyle Rayfuse Thor Grover
Eric Sanchez MacKlain Sherman Tim Arnzen
Forrest Cameron Malcolm Phillips Tom Daves
Frank Oropeza Mark Badziong Tony Heywood
Gary Haynes Mark Montana Tory Bowlen
Greg Au Mark Sibley Travis Wade
Greg Kinyon Mark Zielfelder Tristen Long
Gregory Chute Marvin Mason Troy Binsfield
Gregory Morgan Mathew Sinsel Waad Noah
Hailey Watson Matt Kelsey Wilhem Lueker
Heather Sweet Max Hendrix William "BJ" Schmidt
Ivan Costich Melissa Dean William Battin
Jack Whipple Mich Terao William Dionne
Jacob Cockle Michell Omlor Wyatt Barnett
Jacson Furman Mike Eggers Zach Weber
Jaden Wyer Mike Keller  

All these employees exemplify our core values of trust, integrity, quality, teamwork, accountability, openness, innovation, diversity, and community. Thank you to all our City of Spokane employees!

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