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Work with Us for Safety During Construction Season

Kirstin Davis, Communications Manager - Public Works, 509.625.7773

Monday, April 17, 2023 at 1:46 p.m.

Work with Us for Safety During Construction Season

Spokane experiences two travel seasons known as Snow Season and Construction Season, and some years they overlap. The City’s construction season is officially underway, with over 40 major projects scheduled for work along with annual maintenance this year. Arterials and corridors bloom orange every spring with road work ahead, road closed, and detour signs throughout town.

Typically, there are three stages in driver behavior around work zones:

  • Stage 1: Traffic congestion, confusion, and frustration
  • Stage 2: Implement alternative routes and adjust attitudes
  • Stage 3: Compliance and complacency

Each of these stages has its own set of safety concerns. When people are frustrated and confused, sometimes they demonstrate behaviors that put others at risk. Alternatives often include taking shortcuts through non-designated detour routes, and complacency can lead to distracted driving and not noticing work zone changes.

Imagine sitting at your desk or kitchen table and a car was to drive by you within an arm’s length distance at 30 mph or more! This is what most work zone employees experience every day. It’s equally alarming for residents who see an increase in speeding and traffic in their neighborhoods because of impatient drivers.

WORK WITH US! Do your part to prevent the hundreds of deaths and injuries and 40,000+ crashes that are estimated to happen this year in work zones. Here’s how you can help:

  • Allow for More Time and Patience
  • Slow Down and Stay Alert
  • Follow Designated Detours and Obey Speed Limits

Street obstruction information that will impact the traveling public is updated at least weekly and is available on the City of Spokane website with a comprehensive list and interactive map. Find out what construction projects will impact your day on the City’s Construction Projects page.

April 17–21 is National Work Zone Awareness Week, for more information visit Download a reminder flyer for your family or workplace bulletin board!

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