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Jacqueline Churchill

Hillyard Tour Offers Firsthand Look for Commission, Staff, Council

Jacqueline Churchill, Planner I, 509.625.6500

Monday, April 8, 2024 at 3:59 p.m.

Hillyard Tour Offers Firsthand Look for Commission, Staff, Council

Over the past year, the City of Spokane, in collaboration with the Northeast Public Development Authority (NEPDA) and the residents of the Hillyard Neighborhood, has been developing the Hillyard Subarea Plan.

The plan proposes strategies to address housing needs and infrastructure deficiencies, improve quality of life, increase economic opportunity and place brownfields and other underutilized properties back into productive use. The project also addresses and seeks to prevent the displacement of the existing residents and businesses as the area improves over time.

On March 27, The City of Spokane Plan Commission, along with NEPDA Executive Director Jesse Bank and Council Members Kitty Klitzke and Michael Cathcart, visited Hillyard to better understand the neighborhood and its current condition.

After a short presentation of the plan, the group visited a few key spots in the neighborhood. The first two stops were seemingly underwhelming, just large nearly empty lots. But these spots, termed “catalyst sites” in the subarea plan, have been called out as having the potential to develop in ways that will increase economic activity and quality of life for the neighborhood. Then the group travelled up through “The Yard” on the east side of the North-South Corridor and viewed several businesses that are already flourishing despite the incongruent dirt roads that lace the area.

Finally, the group stopped along Market Street in the historic center of Hillyard. Undaunted by rain, they walked through the heart of Market Street, noting the mix of the historic buildings and antiques shops that Hillyard is known for and the new businesses that have already found this great neighborhood.

Before the end of the year, the Hillyard Subarea Plan will go before the Plan Commission in a public hearing, and the Plan Commission will make its recommendations to City Council. City Council will then weigh in and make its own recommendations before adopting this plan. Visit the Hillyard Subarea Plan page to learn more.

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