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Join the Transportation Commission

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Wednesday, July 10, 2024 at 11:08 a.m.

Join the Transportation Commission

At the request of Mayor Brown, the City Council adopted an ordinance creating the City’s first Transportation Commission. The Transportation Commission will provide advice and recommendations to the Mayor and City Council on the plans and programs necessary to achieve a safe and equitable multimodal transportation system in the city of Spokane.  Mayor Brown also tasked the Transportation Commission with recommending updates to the City’s Complete Streets policy through the Mayor’s Safe Streets for All Executive Order.

The City is seeking 9 members to serve on the Transportation Commission. 

  • One resident of Council District 1 (Northeast)
  • One resident of Council District 2 (South)
  • One resident of Council District 3 (Northwest)
  • One member with knowledge of the City’s parking system
  • 3 members with transportation expertise; Expertise includes but is not limited to individuals with experience in transportation planning, public health, freight mobility, public transit, and transportation policy.
  • One member with The Americans with Disabilities Act experience

Interested in serving on the City’s Transportation Commission?

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