Section 92: Local Improvements

The City of Spokane shall have the power to order and carry out local improvements in the mode and manner prescribed by state law, including but not limited to:

  1. alleys, streets, park drives, public places, and squares;
  2. auxiliary water systems;
  3. auditoriums, field houses, gymnasiums, swimming pools, and other recreational facilities;
  4. bridges, culverts, and trestles;
  5. bulkheads and retaining walls;
  6. dikes and embankments;
  7. drains, sewers, and sewer appurtenances;
  8. escalators and moving sidewalks;
  9. parks and playgrounds;
  10. sidewalks, curbings, and crosswalks;
  11. street lighting systems;
  12. underground utilities transmission lines;
  13. water mains, hydrants, and appurtenances;
  14. fences, culverts, siphons, and coverings over open canals and ditches.

Effective Date: November 16, 1981
Ordinance C25862

Section 93: Initiation

Local improvements may be initiated by the city council or by petition of certain property owners. It shall be the responsibility of the city clerk to have available at all times informational sheets regarding the formation of local improvement districts.

Effective Date: November 16, 1981
Ordinance C25862

Section 94: Sale of Bonds

Local improvement district bonds shall be sold by negotiation or by public sale at competitive bid, at the discretion of the council.

Effective Date: November 16, 1981
Ordinance C25862