Section 126: Establishment

The city council shall, by ordinance, establish a city plan commission, to consist of ten members, who shall serve without pay.

Effective Date: 1910

Section 127: General Authority

The city plan commission shall perform such functions and have such powers as may be conferred upon it by the city council by ordinance. The city council may, by a majority vote, direct the plan commission to perform specific actions in relation to potential or pending legislative action of the city council. The council shall have power to appropriate any moneys necessary in its judgment to further the work of the commission, including the employment of necessary clerical assistants and experts, and to provide for the same in its annual budget and tax levy.

Effective Date: August 31, 2011
Ordinance C34634 Section 1

Section 128: Specific Powers

In addition to the powers that may be specially conferred upon the plan commission by ordinance, it shall have power to investigate and make recommendations to the city council in relation to all matters pertaining to the living conditions of the City; the betterment of facilities for doing public and private business therein; the elimination of slums; the correction of unhealthful housing conditions; the proper laying out, platting, and naming of streets, squares, and public places, and the numbering of buildings and houses therein; the location, planning, and architectural designing of public buildings; and generally, all things tending to promote the health, convenience, safety, and well being of the City's population, and to further its growth along consistent, comprehensive and permanent plans.

Effective Date: March 25, 2009
Ordinance C34385 Section 45