Garbage pickup, curbside recycling, and clean green pickup will be a day late all week, with Friday's pickup occurring on Saturday due to the Memorial Day holiday. Please have your carts out at point of collection by 6 a.m. on your collection day. See more information regarding city closures.

General Park Rules

The items below highlight frequently asked rules and regulations. A full list of rules and regulations can be found in the Spokane Municipal Code SMC 12.06A.040

  1. All parks are closed from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m., except for Riverfront Park which closes at 12:00 midnight.
  2. Animals must be on a leash. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their animal.
  3. It is unlawful to consume liquor or open a package containing liquor in a park, except as specifically authorized by the director of the parks department or his or her designee.
  4. It is unlawful to consume marijuana or open a package containing marijuana in a park.
  5. No person may use or occupy park property to sleep, store property or for any other purpose when done in a manner that obstructs or prevents others from its use and enjoyment.
  6. No weapon of any kind is allowed in a park, except for the possession of firearms consistent with and pursuant to state law. No discharge of any projectile from any weapon or device is allowed in a park.
  7. No fireworks may be discharged in a park.
  8. No fires allowed except in designated fireplaces and park supplied barbeque pits.
  9. No person may play or practice any game that involves the running or the throwing or hitting of a ball or other projectile when and where such activity is likely to be dangerous.
  10. No person may operate remote controlled vehicles, unmanned air systems (such as drones) or other hobby craft in a manner that is dangerous to persons or property.
  11. No motorized vehicles on the grass or pathways. Vehicle parking allowed in designated areas.
  12. 15-mile per hour speed limit in all parks with the exception of Riverfront Park which has a speed limit of 5-miles per hour.
  13. Do not disturb any living thing in a park.
  14. No person may cut, trim, tag or in any way tamper with the trees or landscaping, or dig, stake, pierce or penetrate the ground of any park.
  15. No person may sell or barter any goods or services without prior permission of the director of the parks department or his or her designee.
  16. No littering or dumping of any material or substances in a park.
  17. Where the park board has provided for the collection of fees, rents or charges for the use of park facilities, including municipal golf courses, no person may enter upon or use such park facilities without paying such required fees, rents or charges.