Volunteers make our parks beautiful and our programs happen.

By getting out into the community, they assist, lead and teach a variety of indoor and outdoor programs and help to maintain more than 4,100 acres of premier park land, open space and recreational venues.

Become a Volunteer

Spokane Parks and Recreation needs volunteers to keep our programs in operation, affordable, and our local parks clean, safe, and beautiful. We strive to give Spokane families opportunities to stay healthy by learning new skills, connecting with people, and providing recreational lands to enjoy during all four of our inland northwest seasons. Most volunteers must be at least 18 years old and must complete a waiver of liability and in certain cases background check.

Volunteer Opportunities

See SpoCanopy tree planting opportunities.

See all other volunteer opportunities.

Interested in Something Specific?

Don’t see quite what you or your group are looking for in our Volunteer Opportunities list? Email Josh Morrisey at jmorrisey@spokanecity.org and we’ll try and find something for you!

  • Ryan Griffith, rgriffith@spokanecity.org Outdoor Recreation, Special Events, Sports, Pools, Art, Therapeutic Recreation, Internship Opportunities
  • Carl Strong, cstrong@spokanecity.org Parks, Gardening, Mulching, Weeding, General Cleanup, Internship Opportunities
  • Angel Spell, aspell@spokanecity.org Trail Maintenance, Fire Mitigation, Tree Planting, Mulching, Weeding, Internship Opportunities