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SPD Officers and Thank You Posters

We are fortunate to have tremendous community support for our police department. We don't take your appreciation lightly. Every month many of you take the time to write, phone, email or deliver to SPD a thank you for various encounters with our police officers. We know it takes time and effort to submit a commendation. They are shared with the SPD family and on this page you will find them shared with the public as well. Some commendations may have been edited for a number of reasons including: to protect victim information, to ensure citizen privacy, and/or to shorten content or remove non-pertinent content.

Thank you First Responders

The number of commendations SPD receives consistently outnumbers the number of complaints we receive.

Those numbers are documented regularly and shared in SPD's Strategic Initiatives Report which can be found on our website.

The commendations and complaints received by SPD from January 1 through September 30, 2021 are:
Total Commendations Received: 160
Total Complaints Received: 66 (49 from community)

To voice your support or provide a thank you to SPD see:
Please include details of the contact with our officer, your name (or the name of the person contacted by police if known), the location of the contact, the date and time of the contact, the officer's name (if known) and the details of the contact.

2021 Commendations

Thank you for everything you do to keep us safe, so we are safe where we live. I am thankful that we have police, because if we didn't, we would not be safe where we are. You guys sacrifice your lives every day for our safety and we are grateful. I hope you have a good day and a good Christmas! (All Police, 12/28/2021)

Dear Policemen, I am thanking you all for keeping everyone safe. I am praying for you guys every night in bed before I go to sleep. I hope you guys have the best Christmas and the best rest of your year. Good luck. Here are presents for you guys. Cops are our heroes! (All Police, 12/27/2021)

This is a thank you letter. It seems like what gets in the news is mostly controversial type stories, so this will probably seem tame in comparison. It involves my mom who just passed away last month at 95 years of age. Now that caregiving for her is over I wanted to say thank you to various ones who helped along the way. About 5 years ago, she ended up in a very minor accident and SPD was called to the scene. About two months later she got a letter in the mail from the DMV saying she needed to come in and get tested. She did and the end result was that she lost her license and it was replaced with an identification card. The officer who came to the scene was polite and helpful and was able to diffuse a tense situation. At the same time, the officer realized there was an underlying problem and took action. I agree, it was in the best interests of all concerned that mom give up her license and I think the SPD's handling of the situation was in accord with the values stated in the department's mission statement, that is, integrity, professionalism, and compassion. (Unknown, 12/20/2021)

Once again thank you for all of your assistance. You have been instrumental in helping us make big movements to clean up the rift-raft that has so conveniently settled in and made our lives miserable. I can't tell you how much we greatly appreciate your efforts. (Officer Tim Schwering, 12/20/2021)

I just wanted to say thank you to all the amazing police that helped get us through the crazy snow/ice traffic last Thursday. It really seemed like you were around every icy turn helping and guiding all of us. (All Police, 12/19/2021)

Dear Sergeant Rogan, Officer Butler, and the police officer who came to Trunk or Treating, I would like to thank you so much for your participation in our Trunk or Treating activity on October 28th at Stevens Elementary. It is SO important for our children to see the police as our community partner. We so appreciate you taking the time to have fun with our students and families. (Community Outreach, 12/17/2021)

A generous and anonymous donor provided pizza to thank all SPD Officers for their service and dedication to our community. This gift was given through David's Pizza, which provided a couple slices of pizza and a soda to officers who stopped by. (All Police, 12/16/2021)

[After a detective put in many hours on a case] All credit to you. After you caught [the suspect] tampering with the victim/witness, he knew the jig was up and didn't dare to withdraw the guilty plea. (Detective David Dunkin, 12/16/2021)

A huge should out to our Police Department. Our business, as well as some others, were hit by a couple of individuals. They did tremendous damage to many hard-working business owners. These individuals have no regards to the damage they've caused. Our Police Department were very quick to act the day after the crime and help us secure our location. I started to get frustrated the next following days because of the follow-up to get our property back because of the lack of call backs etc. However, once I talked with the detective handling our case he was very apologetic because he was working on another standoff. I felt bad for being impatient because I didn't get a more immediate response. But looking back on hindsight they did the best they could do with the resources they have. Thank you to the Police Department and we truly appreciate you keeping us safe. (All Police, 12/15/2021)

I recently attended the 40 hour CIT class at your training center with several of our officers. I want to commend your Sgt. Kernkamp and all the officers who facilitated the training. They did an outstanding job and the training was spectacular! (Sergeant Jay Kernkamp, 12/7/2021)

I am writing regarding Officer Mongan, our NRO. As a backstory, we bought our home in 2012 and promptly discovered we were living next to a nuisance property. I worked with the SPD and we accessed the Safe Streets program to deal with the landlord of the nuisance property. As the years went on, things continued to go downhill with the property and the behaviors from the tenants towards our family and multiple neighbors. It was upsetting and again we did not know what to do. During this period, Officer Mongan became our NRO and we again asked for help. He provided us with support through meetings with the City Attorney's office, follow-up with infractions against the owner of the nuisance property, visiting the tenants at the property as well as handling multiple calls from us regarding help. He also met with other neighbors affected by this property and talked about ways to address the issues. One weekend there were approximately 20 plus calls from at least 6-7 different homes regarding the nuisance property and he followed up with us immediately. Although this neighborhood continues to be a work in progress, I am so grateful for his support and communication with us when it seems we had nowhere to turn. Without him, I feel like we would have left this neighborhood, which continues to thrive and make positive changes. I wanted to make sure that he was acknowledged as part of the positive changes on our block. (Officer Kelly Mongan, 12/7/2021)

I was 12 years old when Candy Rogers went missing, and was later found murdered. Even at that age, it was hard to understand how something like that could happen in Spokane. To hear the case been solved, to me, was a miracle. I want to give a heart-felt thank you to the Spokane Police Department for their persistence and diligence in never giving up on finding the killer. (Major Crimes Unit, 12/3/2021)

I want to say a big thank you to 3 officers on your force. I unfortunately failed to get the name of the first officer that arrived to assist me in recovering my stolen cell phone, but certainly want to include him in my gratefulness (it was Officer Craigen). Officers Stadley and Nguyen arrived shortly after the first officer. All 3 were not only perfectly professional, but thoughtful, courteous, respectful, helpful and considerate as well. My cell phone was recovered, and when I noticed my sim card was missing, Officers Stadley and Nguyen made a second trip into the house to look for the sim card. Even if my phone had not been recovered, the officers were outstanding in handling the incident. I am grateful to them for responding to a probably minor-to-you-but-major-to-me incident (do you realize how dependent we have become on those little devices??) when your force has so many other pressing issues. I am also grateful to the 4 or 5 Call Receivers that I spoke with at Crime Check after the crime happened as well as the dispatchers that found and sent officers available and willing to respond to my case. I am always appreciative of all our Spokane police officers and their support staff for their continued commitment to keeping us safe, and my personal incident only re-enforces my feelings of gratitude and support. (Officer Garth Craigen, Officer Jacob Stadley, Officer Alisha Nguyen, 12/7/2021)

You recently helped recover my bicycle. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your work, dedication, and effort. I know property crime is out of control, and you have limited resources. But it means the world to me that you helped recover my bike. I would have had a hard time financially replacing it. My father-in-law is a retired officer out of Wyoming. Both my relationship with him and my career have brought me in contact with a lot of great officers and detectives. I know you and your family sacrifice a lot for the work you do. Your work touches a lot of lives for better and creates a path for good to live and even thrive! May God watch over you, your family, and your fellow officers and detectives. (SPD Volunteer Mike, 11/30/2021)

This email is for Brian Hammond and Zac Storment. Congratulations on finding the killer of Candy Rogers! I have followed this case for the majority of my life. In the years that followed, every time I would see girls selling Girls Scout cookies outside of a super market or in a mall, I would walk over, hand them $20.00 and tell them I wanted no cookies. Then I would walk away, while saying a little prayer for Candy Rogers. (Major Crimes Unit, 11/29/2021)

I know that you work day and night for a community that is never happy to see you, as something is usually wrong. I want to tell you I appreciate the work you do for us, your citizens. I was arrested in 2020 and 2021, I am a Veteran who at the time was struggling with my PTSD more than working through it and I made terrible choices. I had to be arrested, but in both encounters was treated with kindness and respect. Respect I understand, but kindness? Why was I being treated like a human when I was a monster? Well after taking part in Veteran’s Court, going to Counseling, and taking classes, I have found my way past the anger and violence to find a scared human underneath that had no support system, but my support began when the handcuffs were applied. The entire way from my home, to jail, to my day in court I was treated with respect and kindness, even on occasion empathy. This came from your Police and Correction officers. I wish the world would see the professionalism that you as a Department have demonstrated, and I thank you for helping me get to a better and safer place in my life. I hope whoever reads this can share this with anyone around them employed by the City of Spokane to let them know that their hard work isn’t going unnoticed. My journey to health began with the empathy of Officers of the Law, concerned with the safety and mental wellness of ALL their citizens. In my book that is true Heroism, and if I could I would award the entire department the Star of Valor, because you saved my life. Thank you for your time. (All Police, 11/23/2021)

A heartfelt thank you to the Spokane Police Department for continuing to investigate and finally close the Candy Roger's case. I was 5 years old and living in Chewelah when Candy was abducted. I saw it on the evening news the first few days it was broadcast and hounded my parents with questions as only a five-year old can. There were no age appropriate answers or explanations, but my parents' unusual silence had a significant impact on me. In the many years since, I have had Candy's photo flash in my memory every time I heard of a crime against a child. Candy epitomized the unanswered questions of an innocent child trying to understand evil in the world. Thank you for giving silence to the questions that were still in my heart. Thank you for letting her memory rest in peace. (Major Crimes Unit, 11/21/2021)

When I was growing up as a child in Spokane, I had two great fears: polio and the Candy Rogers case. I have often thought of Candy over the years because she and I both sold those mints and were born the same year. Just within the past month I found myself wondering if the case would ever be solved. I have vivid memories of myself as a child sitting in the living room thinking about Candy… I want to thank the police department, and specifically those responsible for solving this case. It brings tears to my eyes to know that it has been solved. I have found a certain peace in knowing the case is closed. It’s hard to fully express my feelings in words, but I really am grateful for the work that your department has done. (Major Crimes Unit, 11/20/2021)

I was told last night that Spokane Detectives had solved the case of Candy Roger&339;s. I could not believe after so many years and so much hurt the persistence of all of you paid off. I thank you from myself and my family. I cannot express enough my congratulations, and thanks. (Major Crimes Unit, 11/19/2021)

I was 7 years old when she (Candy Rogers) was killed. Thank you for solving this crime. (Major Crimes Unit, 11/19/2021)

I would like to thank all of the officers involved in solving Candy’s murder. I was also 9 years old in 1959 and remember clearly when my mom sat me down, told me Candy had been murdered and showed me the article in the Spokesman-Review. It has haunted me all my life and I am so relieved to have some closure. (Major Crimes Unit, 11/19/2021)

Chief, I'd like to commend the men and women of the Spokane Police Department on their perseverance, diligence and initiative in bringing to closure the Candy Rogers case. I was about 5 years old growing up in Spokane at the time when this tragedy happened. I can remember my parents restricting my sister and me from going to the park or playing outside after dark with all of our neighborhood friends because of this tragedy. While most of the department has turned over in the years since I was with the city, I'm very proud to have been associated with the great men and women of the police department. Again to all of you at the SPD congratulations on an outstanding job well done in bringing this important cold case to closure for the families and the Spokane community. (Major Crimes Unit, 11/19/2021)

[In regards to police being dispatched to Wendle Ford Motors] Chief, Wanted to share my family's gratitude for SPD. Wendle Ford has a state of the art cam/security system. It worked last night with the reinforcement of SPD. Well done. We really appreciate the police. (All Police, 11/19/2021)

[In regards to a problem location in North Spokane] Officer Schwering, Thank you for your assistance in this situation. Some of the people still come to the house, I'm not sure if they go into the garage, house or back yard. They may be looking for a place to shelter or something else. It is better and not as many are stopping by. Towards the end of this 'activity' or people visiting this home, the neighbors and I would hear loud noises in the middle of the night, kind of like a bomb or explosion. I did call crime check about this. If you or other officer go into the home please be careful. Not sure what type of chemicals would be in there. Again thank you so much for your help! (Officer Tim Schwering, 11/18/2021)

On my walk with my dogs today I was pleasantly surprised to see the homeless camp along the river gone and fairly well cleaned up. A small amount of trash and what not was left behind but for as trashed as it was, it looks pretty good!! I don't know if either of you had anything to do with the removal of the homeless camp but if you did, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! My dogs thank you as well as they really do love walking on Tuffy's Trail. I just learned its name today on my walk. Anyway, thank you both for everything you both do to keep our neighborhood as safe and as pleasant of a place to live as possible. I think you both go above and beyond!! I will continue to be observant of things around the neighborhood while on my dog walks and let y'all know when I see something that isn't right. (Officer Seth Berrow, 11/10/2021)

One evening, you (Chaplain Wheatley) accompanied the Spokane Fire/Police Department to my father's home. Our sweet, beloved father had passed away. I live in California and upon arriving in Spokane earlier this week, I heard from all three of my siblings who were there that night about your visit and how nice you were. I wish I could better express what I want to say other than to thank you for your kindness and compassion and to make sure you're aware of the impact you have on people. You brought calming comfort and support to my brothers and sister during a very emotional and stressful time and I wanted to reach out to you to acknowledge your service. So, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. (Chaplain Wheatley, 11/1/2021)

There are no words to tell you how we feel but we thank you for your comforting words. God bless you. We owe much of our sanity to your kind words and touch. Thank you. May God be with you always. (Chaplains, 10/29/2021)

Huge shout-out to Officer Zach from City of Spokane Police Department for inviting my son to check out his police car. Officer Zach asked if he wanted to turn on the lights. It was so sweet. This absolutely made my son's night. (Officer Zach Johnson, 10/31/2021)

Our law enforcement agency would like to send our sincerest thank you to your agency and specific members within your organization for the assistance they provided to our detectives. Our agency began a missing person investigation. While classified as a missing person, detectives are investigating this disappearance as a homicide. Through our ongoing investigation, the likely suspect was discovered to be living in Spokane. Detectives first asked for assistance from the Spokane Police Department to conduct some initial follow¬ up. Additional requests were then made regarding suspect information, vehicle information, and additional local inquiries. Detectives from the agency made arrangements to travel to Spokane to conduct additional follow up—again requesting assistance from your agency. This request was no small order, which involved suspect apprehension on an unrelated, extraditable felony warrant from a neighboring state, conducting a search where he was living, seizing and searching his vehicle, interviews of family members, and additional inquires. When the investigative follow-up was completed, your agency secured the suspect vehicle. At the same time, arrangements were made to have it transported to our agency. Additionally, your evidence unit coordinated efforts to ship several boxes of critical physical evidence to our agency. This is but a summary of the exceptional support we received from your dedicated and professional staff. In particular, and specifically, these tasks could not have been accomplished without the help of Detective Aaron Kirby and Detective Brandon Rankin. While there were no doubt others who assisted, we trust our appreciation will be passed on to all involved. (Detective Aaron Kirby and Detective Brandon Rankin, 10/25/2021)

I survived an assault that resulted in Officer C. Howard responding to take my report this past week. The thought of talking about what happened with a policeman with a gun sounded too much to me. The day after I got out of the hospital Officer Howard came to my mom's house to talk with me. I immediately felt safe to speak with him and felt like he actually cared about what happened to me and my child. He didn't make me feel embarrassed or scared, and was extremely professional throughout the interview. My abuser gave me a TBI so I was having a hard time remembering and talking and he sat with me for an hour while I made sense of what happened to me. I cannot tell you how thankful I am that he was so kind and professional to me during this time and was moved to thank his supervisor personally. From my child and I, thank you so much for helping me make my report and for hiring officers that actually care and want to help people. I have always had a GREAT experience with the Spokane police, but this officer went above and beyond to make sure I stayed strong for myself and my son and gave me the time to tell my story given my brain not working at full capacity at the moment. I am so proud to live in a city with such dedicated, strong, and kind officers and feel like if I call you guys we will be safe no matter what. I cannot tell you how much that is helping me heal from this trauma and constant fear. The detective I am working with, his name I cannot remember at the moment, was also incredible and caring. He came to talk with me with another officer and even though I did not get his name I will never forget him either. They were so kind and gentle while dealing with my experience. I did not feel embarrassed at all while talking with them, either. I am terrified of men at the moment and I was just so happy they didn't make me feel scared or uncomfortable. Please extend my thanks and appreciation to Officer Howard and the detectives I worked with. I will never forget their kindness and strength and I truly hope that my child turns out like them someday. I could only dream I do as great of a job as their mothers must have. Thank you so, so much. (Officer Caleb Howard, Detective Joshua Laiva, and Detective Dion Mason, 10/21/2021)

I want to share with you my sincere thanks for great work by Sergeant Jay Kernkamp. Several weeks ago we had an employee dive into some serious behavioral health issues. I called upon Sergeant Kernkamp to assist our agency. The assistance we have received has been outstanding, to include some assistance on an early Saturday morning. The involuntary committal and ERPO for this matter can largely be credited to your sergeant and department. The employee has been terminated, and while we still have concerns about him retaliating against us, our employees, and/or the business, we collectively have done all we can to minimize the threat. I am in the process of obtaining a DHS Certificate of Appreciation for Sergeant Kernkamp. Please let me know when there would be a good time to present. (Sergeant Jay Kernkamp, 10/5/2021)

Last night someone attempted to break into my mother's house. I'm sorry that I do not know the names of the officers who responded (other than Travis), but I wanted to say how impressed I was with their efforts and patience. My ringer was off so two officers came to my house a few blocks away to wake me up so I could attend to mom. When I arrived, Travis explained to me possible scenarios regarding the break-in and then patiently listened as mom gave him more information. Obviously a difficult, difficult time for our first responders. I expect and sincerely hope this is one of many such notes of gratitude you receive. I saw care and professionalism last night which are deeply appreciated. (Officer Trevor Walker, Officer Ben Yinger, Officer Jesse Molina, Officer Jeremy McVay, Officer Tricia Leming and Corporal Trevor Nollmeyer, 10/27/2021)

Thank you for the work you’ve been putting in. We wouldn’t be where we’re at without your help. Believe me when I say we are beyond grateful. Now we need to bring it to a close. (Officer Tim Schwering, 10/22/2021)

What a beautiful display of compassion tonight by the City of Spokane Police Department. Tonight on my way home I got a call that a friend experiencing homelessness has had a rough couple mental health days that if continued was going to end her up in jail. I headed straight there…. SPD was onsite with Officer Plunkett, Officer Kelsey Walker, and Officer Berkeley. The kindness, compassion, and empathy they were showing was outstanding. Officer Plunkett had the lead and he was very familiar with this woman. He had a couple interactions in the last couple of days with her. It would have been very easy for him to take a hard line approach, but he and the other officers took the harder path. They allowed us along with them to talk to our friend, from a place of love and encouragement that a mental health facility is the best place to go. It took time. In the end she got transported to the hospital and from there can get in a longer term mental health place to get meds worked out. Today, I am proud of our community, I am proud of our officers that took the time and saw the person, not the mental health issues. (Officer Arthur Plunkett, Officer Kelsey Walker, and Officer Xenon Berkeley, 10/27/2021)

I called Officer Willard NRO for help. He's helped our neighborhood numerous times regarding homeless people camping in the woods. He always returns your calls, including yesterday. Since I had the plate number, he was able to get ahold of the individual and explain the consequences of trespassing on property that is not his. Officer Willard is extremely helpful, polite, and pro-active. He's a huge asset to the department and all of us neighbors hope he never leaves the Southside Cops station. We hope he gets the recognition that he deserves. We just wanted you all to know how helpful Officer Willard is. Thank you for your time. (Officer Jacob Willard, 10/13/2021)

Thank you for all you do for everyone in Spokane. Thank you for all your sacrifices in your call to serve. Thank you for outreach to NewTech Skills Center students. (Officer Paul Buchmann, 10/12/2021)

I would like to express my sincere thanks to you, and bring to your attention the assistance provided to our office by your Public Records Specialist Mr. Michael Snell. He was beyond helpful and prompt in his response and follow-through. I reached out to Mr. Snell regarding concerns from a community member and their attorney about a Public Records Request (PRR) after being referred to him by the City Clerk's Office. Mr. Snell promptly provided the Office of the Police Ombudsman (OPO) directions on how to move forward, which was passed along to the attorney. Mr. Snell quickly fixed the situation and notified the OPO and the attorney. The entire process was completed in approximately 2 days. I sincerely appreciate Mr. Snell making himself immediately available to discuss the situation, provide the answers needed, and quickly make the adjustments upon receiving the appropriate documentation. His prompt response enabled us to turn a potential concern into a customer service opportunity. (Michael Snell, 10/18/2021)

My car window was broken and backpack stolen. Every number I called was less than helpful and no one responded for an hour so I drove around the corner to the downtown station. Officer Phillips was incredible. She was professional, concerned and had another officer there in minutes. She was reassuring and put me at ease. My thanks to (Officer Alexis Phillips, 10/15/2021)

Dear Police Officers, We met officers Matt, Anthony from Faith & Blue. We looked at some durable cars and interesting equipment that you have, for the SWAT team, the Bomb Squad team. THANK YOU for protecting us citizens of Spokane County, and WA, and USA. At this difficult time, WE LOVE YOU MORE SPD! (All Police, 10/14/2021)

It’s been almost one year since the neighborhood returned to ‘normalcy’. I am so BLESSED! I LOVE my home AND my neighborhood! Thank you SO much dear Tim!!!! All of us are so very GRATEFUL. (Officer Tim Schwering, 10/7/2021)

I called in with a concern about a neighbor last week. The police arrived much more promptly than expected and the issue was resolved in a professional manner making my neighborhood safer. Calling the police is nerve wracking for me and this was a positive experience. I’m sure you all don’t get thanked enough so I wanted to pass along my appreciation! (Officer Joseph Hefling, 10/4/2021)

The father of an assault victim called SPD and spoke at great length regarding the incredible investigation and service provided to his daughter during her investigation. He wanted to make sure that Chief Meidl knew how awesome the officers who helped his daughter were, so that he (the Chief) could shout their names from the rooftops, for all the city would know (his words). He was especially grateful for Officer Canty and Keller’s work along with Detective Green. He had nothing but praise for everyone involved and wants everyone to be recognized for their compassion and service. (Officer Samuel Canty, Officer Jared Keller, Detective Ben Green, Officer Jacqui Valencia, Officer Anthony Inman, Corporal Yeshua Mathew, Officer Neil Higgins, 10/6/2021)

My next door neighbor was involved in a case and the officers are so sweet. I was freaking out and they have been so nice. I had to upload footage to T. Herzog but there are more here. Please pass on the appreciation for me. (Officer Trystan Herzog, 10/4/2021)

Dear Police, My dream is to grow up and be like you. I think you guys and girls work so hard. I think you guys need to be thanked for all your hard work. I think you guys go through some very hard situations and you still keep cool. I am so excited to grow up and be like you guys. (All Police, 10/4/2021)

I was the lead instructor-trainer for a course hosted by Spokane Police Department. Seventeen students from around the country attended the course. Months before the course, I coordinated the administrative and logistical requirements of the course with officer Mark Brownell. Requirement after requirement was thrown at him: Venues, classrooms, traffic cones, drinks, snacks, bicycle repair tools, loaner bicycles for the instructors and the out-of-state students, spare bicycles and parts, dinner for the evening night ride, secure bicycle storage, uniformed SPD bicycle officers as escorts, and a score of minor but essential details. Mark enthusiastically accomplished all that I asked of him and more, taking the initiative and accomplishing tasks I hadn't considered but needed doing. I've conducted eighteen instructor courses, so I know the value of an excellent agency liaison. Mark gets an A+ from me. Sergeant Craig Hamilton assisted Mark and together they solved problems and accomplished essential tasks. Sgt. Hamilton was always available and close by if I needed anything done and was a reassuring presence during the course. What a friendly, generous person. Chief, please pass on my sincere thanks to Mark and Craig. They made the course a huge success. (Officer Mark Brownell, Sergeant Craig Hamilton, 10/1/2021)

Five cards and poster saying Thank you for visiting our school, from Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church and Preschool. (Community Outreach, 9/30/2021)

On behalf of the 250 plus retirees who utilized your range facility for our annual qualifications we would like to say Thank you! It is much appreciated. In addition, I would like to commend Sgt. Adam Potter. The goal of the retirees was to become totally self- sufficient and not add to the work load of S.P.D. personnel. Rob Walker and Sgt. Potter were instrumental in bringing much needed technological changes to the program. For instance, instead of 250 plus phone calls for signups, it is now all done online. Sgt. Potter made himself readily available to assist and we would not be where we are without his assistance and expertise. We now have a "permanent'' crew of 5-6 people who handle the photography requirements of the qualifications. Sgt. Potter's expertise helped the crew become well versed in using the new Mac system. There have been well over 800 plus photos taken and any issues were quickly resolved with Sgt. Potter's assistance; and now because of his help the crew is starting to solve issues on their own. Last, but not least, the range is a very busy place. Whenever a window of opportunity developed Sgt. Potter would reserve the time for the retirees. The HR 218 process starts in April and ends in September. We appreciate the time to practice and the days reserved for qualification. (Sergeant Adam Potter, 9/29/2021)

I, like many other children came from a messed up home... Due to the abandonment, I saw things and went through things that no child should have to go through! As a child it felt as though the police were the only ones who cared about me, for they magically appeared when I needed them...They always made me feel safe and protected whenever I was scared... As an adult I understand that was pure child logic but it does not change the fact that they touched my heart so deeply that in honor of those officers I remain on the right side of the law and give my upmost respect to all LEs I am interacting with... It was their very presence that made me feel safe! I share this because of the power of presence the police can have on children. I had only three police officers who spoke to me as a child but all three of them showed they cared... (All Police, 9/28/2021)

Thank you so much for all you guys do. We really appreciate it. Kids absolutely love visiting and learning new things every year at the Spokane County Interstate Fair. Hope they can learn lots more from you guys. You are amazing. (Community Outreach interacting with children at the Spokane Interstate Fair). (Community Outreach, 9/23/2021)

Thank you so much! Great officers! This is insane. The young lady is back at my house recovering and once again your officers are rock solid. Six black men angry blocking the entrance, wanting to know about their sister. I went outside to help calm them and inform them about COVID. Five officers walk up and they are very friendly. The Black men were not trusting them and asking questions and interrogating the officers. The officer answers every question calmly and sets the crowd at ease. Lots of black folks aren't blood relatives but you become cousins and sisters and brothers as you help each other through crisis. (Unknown Officers, 9/23/2021)

I want to take a moment to give a shout out to Officer Seth Berrow. He is our neighborhood resource officer. I've had a few interactions with him in the neighborhood council. He's always eager to answer questions and keep us in the loop as to what's going on around here. He attends almost every neighborhood council meeting. Recently I asked for his assistance with a nuisance vehicle with a nuisance family living in it about a half a block away from my house. He gave me guidance in getting my neighbors to call in and what he needed so he could take action. We emailed back and forth and I let him know when we all called in as well as sending him pictures. Once Officer Berrow got involved, the Suburban was gone within two weeks as of today. It had been there for over two months and we who live here have had to deal with them and their shenanigans. It's so nice to have them gone and also so nice to know we have an officer in our neighborhood who genuinely cares for the people who live here. I tip my hat to Officer Berrow and again to you for having such an amazing team of officers. I can honestly say that I haven't had a negative encounter with an officer since you took the reins of the department. Whatever you're doing whether it be simply hiring the right people, boosting morale or what have you, keep up the good work!!! I will thank Officer Berrow personally but please give him a pat on the back for a job well done. You and your department have my up most respect. (Officer Seth Berrow, 9/23/2021)

[In response to officer issuing a Chronic Nuisance Notice] I knew you would be the best man for the job. So grateful for you. Thank you. (Officer Tim Schwering, 9/16/2021)

At a time when your force has many competing demands and challenges, from the pandemic to reduced funding, and more stringent policy limitations, your support and dedication to our business event last night is even more deeply appreciated. Sergeant Uberuaga was unbelievably supportive and communicated consistently and clearly with me before, during, and after the event. Having a decade-long career in the DoD, emergency management and working in events, I want you to know that my compliment comes from experience in this area. For example, we had walked the plan with the venue security the day prior, but due to unforeseen circumstances, we had to change the drop off point and green room the day of the event. Sergeant Uberuaga and his team adapted on the fly. When Mr. Magic Johnsons’ flight moved from a 1645 ETA to 1830, the Davenport was alerted by Uberuaga. We would not have known this as his handlers didn’t alert us of the change. Without his proactive communication, the event timeline and success would have been compromised and the message of hope for the Spokane community, missed. Sergeant Uberuaga’s (Chris Bode, Kelsey Walker, Steve Perry and Stephen Anderson) entire team was polite, professional, focused and thorough, turning down even the chance to enjoy a delicious shrimp and filet dinner. Officer Walker even snapped a photo of the catering staff during the back of house transition. Thank you so much for your support and if there is ever anything we at the Association of Washington business can do to support you and your team, please let me know. (Dignitary Team, 9/16/2021)

I wanted to say thanks to you and the officers who responded to support two youth who ran away from our facility last night. The officers helped return these youth within several hours of our initial call. This is the first time youth have run since the opening our new program in June, a program serving 6–12-year-olds. The response from SPD was greatly appreciated. The age, trauma histories, and behavioral health conditions combine to make the youth served in this program highly vulnerable in the community. The officer’s swift response helped keep these kids safe. Please pass along our gratitude. (Officer Ryan Akins, Officer Chad Herzog, and Officer Todd Nelson, 9/16/2021)

We had a movie night in Chief Garry Park a few weeks back. During that time, there were some people barbequing, drinking and having a good time. They weren't bothering us so we let them be even though we had a permit for the space. Toward the end of the movie, one of the people in that group got in an drunken altercation with another member of their group and got out a machete. I timed the amount of time it took from the time the call to 911 was made to the time officers arrived on scene. It was seven minutes. Not only was I impressed with their response time but also how they condoned themselves. They rolled up quickly but quietly as to be as least disturbing and draw as little attention as possible. By the time the officers arrived, machete man's friends de-escalated the situation and the machete had been stashed. The officers were polite and they were able to successfully get the group of people to move on quietly and without incident. I just want to take a moment to tip my hat to you and your officers. I am very aware of the challenges all of you face on a daily not just doing your jobs, but also the drastic changes and challenges the police reform measures have brought your way. I fly the thin blue, red and green line flag on my home and I also display a thin blue line decal on my vehicle. I have always supported the police and it's moments like what I just described that makes my support and respect of y'all even stronger. Everybody always has time to complain about the police and I'm sure you're flooded daily with not so kind words. So, I hope this finds you well and brightens your day of even for a moment. Thank you all for your service and dedication to keeping us all safe in these troubling times. It's now more than ever I feel y'all need and deserve support and respect. (Unknown Officers, 9/15/2021)

Awesome SPD representation at the interstate fair. Had a great time connecting with officers and explorers at opening on Friday. Last night stopped by the booth and spoke with Officer Jen Kerns. First time meeting her and she’s fantastic. So glad she’s working in community outreach. (Officer Jen Kerns, 9/15/2021)

We’ve had some interesting activity in front of our building, which has been discouraging as what looks like druggies and/or gang-bangers have been a lot bolder here. Thankful to see the officers at work this evening confronting something that was turning rowdy. The way they approached the situation here was conservative, obviously thoughtful, and cool/collected. Can't believe what a difficult job you have now with the new standards for stopping someone too. So thankful we still have men and women willing to do this job. We need you! And we experienced a palpable benefit of your service last night at our building. Thank you! So appreciate your service and I feel for the difficulty of your job! (Unknown Officers, 9/14/2021)

[In regards to pursuit] Exceptional job SPD. My wife and I were near Target and many of your cars came by. Happy to hear no one was injured, especially our law enforcement team.(Unknown Officers, 9/11/2021)

I wanted to take the opportunity to point out the exceptional efforts of Officer Ethan Wilke. The Spokane County Prosecuting Attorney's Office recently completed the successful prosecution of a defendant. The case was based on a domestic assault incident to which Officer Wilke was assigned. The exceptional work done by Officer Wilke was a primary reason that the Spokane County Prosecuting Attorney's Office could have this case brought to justice. Officer Wilke consistently made himself available whenever asked and did so with an entirely positive and enthusiastic attitude. It is due to such exceptional efforts that the Spokane County Prosecuting Attorney's Office can achieve successes such as this in the fight against domestic violence. Therefore, I would like to commend Officer Wilke for his efforts and commend the Spokane Police Department for its continuing support. (Officer Ethan Wilke, 9/13/2021)

A woman called and wanted to express her appreciation for what Law Enforcement is doing in our community, particularly regarding a fire in Browne’s Addition that she was concerned about. (All Police, 9/9/2021)

An Eagle Scout chose to build two shooting tables for the Academy Range for his Eagle Scout Service Project. They replaced two tables that were falling apart from exposure and age. (All Police, 9/9/2021)

These are our cameras in action. Toward the end you can see 3 police cars pull up. They responded really well. If you can thank your contacts at the station please tell them thanks for me. (Unknown Officers, 9/2/2021)

Dear Officer Butler, thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to meet with members of our church last night. It meant so much to us to have you and your colleagues join us. We learned a lot about your mission and the challenges you face. Honestly, we want to help in any way we can. We hope we can help with the PAL program next summer. Thank you for your service to our community. (Officer Graig Butler, Sergeant Mike Schneider, 8/30/2021)

I just want to thank the officers who responded to Chief Garry Park to a disturbance during movie night, approx. 9:30pm. They deescalated the situation very well. I know they don't get thanked enough, we are grateful for their professional response. (Sergeant Dan Lesser, Officer David Stone, Officer Nathan Donaldson, Officer Mark Zimmerman, Officer Ryan McLucas, Officer Makalia McKitrick, 8/28/2021)

Just wanted to pass along a note of thanks to a couple of your downtown bike patrol officers. I was sitting in our condo’s courtyard around 7:00 this past Monday evening when one of your officers rode his bike through our open garage door, through the garage and into the courtyard. He said he was concerned about the open doors and just wanted to check to make sure everything was fine. I explained that the garage door was open because one of my neighbors had just driven her car into the garage and was about to close the door when he rolled though. I thanked him and said I was glad someone was keeping eye on things here. Thanks for a good job…very much appreciated. (Unknown Officer, 8/25/2021)

On Friday, some family members were in a terrible accident when they were struck in a local coffee stand drive thru by a dump truck and its trailer. We pray for all involved, including the baristas. Luckily all are alive. Special thanks to Spokane Police Department, Spokane Fire, and all the first responders. (Unknown Officers, 8/23/2021)

I went down to renew my concealed pistol license. A lady helped me through the computer part of it. She was very helpful and very understanding. What a pleasant person to deal with. Captain Richards should be given a pat on the back. (Unknown officer or volunteer, Captain Dave Richards, 8/23/2021)

Hi Tim, Thank-you for your quick response, and for taking the time to listen to me. I really do appreciate it. It's almost renewed my faith in humanity. (Officer Tim Schwering, 8/21/2021)

During fall, winter and spring 2020-2021 we had an eviction moratorium nightmare unfold in our rental house. The tenant absolutely took advantage our inability to take reasonable action for their immediate and used the eviction moratorium to create the worst possible scenario for us. The tenant not only refused to pay rent-which we could have worked with- they also started using and dealing drugs from the house, allowed others to move in, basically starting to destroy the place, with constant day and night traffic of vehicles and people. Two legitimate renters in this shared house departed fearing for their safety, and neighbors were very distraught and concerned. Our efforts to remove this tenant were going nowhere using our attorney and the limited legal notices we could post, we even contacted the Governor’s Office and the State Attorney General, both offices were sympathetic but had no way to help us retrieve our house and return peace to the neighborhood because the standard for eviction was so difficult to prove. We (and neighbors) had to resort to start calling SPD, crime check, even 911 on occasions when the tenant’s activities escalated. Fortunately for us, the Spokane Police Department and the local Neighborhood Officer, Tim Schwering, came to our rescue. All responding officers were vigilant, patient, and empathetic. Officer Schwering reached-out, worked with us, and in a matter of weeks served a search warrant on the tenant, finding plenty of evidence of drug dealing and probably cause for arrest. The City Attorney’s Office worked with our attorney and posted a Chronic Nuisance for the house and tenant. This was what we needed to remove a very bad tenant! We are forever grateful to Officer Schwering and his colleagues. We want to let you know how thankful we are for the dedication, hard work, and assistance that your officers provided for us. Please let Officer Schwering and those who helped him know how much we appreciate them. We hold the Spokane Police Department in the highest of regards. Keep up the great work! (Officer Tim Schwering, 8/18/2021)

The local Girl Scouts generously donated several cases of Girl Scout cookies to the department. They said that they wanted officers to have cookies to pass out to the community during calls and contacts. They brought plenty so that officers could eat some as well. They wanted to pass along their gratitude and respect to the members of the department for your service to the City of Spokane. (All Police, 8/17/2021)

I’m the one who is thankful for you. I appreciate your time and taking care of things. (Officer Tim Schwering, 8/17/2021)

An attorney expressed his appreciation for the work you did getting the Chronic Nuisance Order, this was very helpful with the eviction. Thank you for all your help, you are greatly appreciated! (Officer Deanna Storch, Officer Tim Schwering, 8/17/2021)

An officer helped her husband and she would like to thank the officer. (Officer Jordan Schott, 8/10/2021)

I hope this email finds you well. As you know, I spent a few years working as a victim advocate with Spokane COPS, the reach I had still lingers and victims still contact me. That was the case in a recent and ongoing Domestic Violence situation. I now volunteer my time as an advocate. I had the opportunity to speak with Officer Akins on the phone as I was consoling and de-escalating a victim a few nights ago and I was beyond impressed with his kind demeanor and professionalism in this very sensitive situation. Then, last night as I was at the victims house, Officer Akins drove by. He let the victim know that he was increasing a presence around her home as he promised he would, and this morning she texted me and let me know that he was in communication with her throughout the evening regarding the apprehension attempts of her abuser. I share this with you because it is officers like this that are making a difference out there for our community. They are touching lives and making connections with people who are in fragile and emotionally vulnerable states. They are building trust between the police and the people. They are showing the human side of policing. (Officer Ryan Akins, 8/11/2021)

Our family would like to thank your officers for their prompt response to a situation. Our granddaughter had her wallet and phone stolen after getting off work. Her father and mother were able to track the person who had stolen them. They called 911 to report the theft and the suspect’s flight which ended with your officers showing up in force and apprehending them just as they pulled a knife on our daughter and her husband. Today, our granddaughter’s sense of peace and her belongings have all returned to her. Thank you and the officers you lead for the professionalism you exhibit in handling situations like this one and keeping it from turning in to something far worse. (Officer Christopher Benesch, Officer Joseph Matt, Officer Chad Herzog, Officer Ryan Akins, Officer Matthew Stewart, Officer Whitney Hagan, Officer Taylor Johnson, Officer Benjamin Fuson, Corporal Keith Gonsalves, Sergeant Dan Lesser, 8/9/2021)

Thank you for all you are doing to help us. (Officer Tim Schwering, 8/6/2021)

I am a church member and a resident in this neighborhood. As my memory serves me, since approximately the middle of May I have noticed vehicles (cars, SUVs, trucks, campers, RVs) parked all over the streets on both sides of the street, with people coming and going from a nearby house. I have collected lots of trash littered on our church property and have thrown in trash can. Whatever you can do to stop this is greatly appreciated. I thank you for taking time to listen to me and ALL your efforts on this case, and ALL you do for our great city. (Officer Tim Schwering, 8/6/2021)

Kathy, these reports continue to reinforce that our police officers are doing a great job and should be supported way more than is fashionable nowadays. Please extend our gratitude to all who are on the front line and supporting roles. They are valued! (All Police, 8/5/2021)

Thank you for all that you do to keep our communities safe. I just hope an email like this can encourage at least one person in this department. (All Police, 7/26/2021)

Police reform laws hinder the folks in Blue. It's so frustrating when law enforcement is hindered in the job. I am against these new "reform laws". Keep up the good fight, and thank you for your work. (All Police, 7/26/2021)

To the South Hill Police: awesome, mighty, cool, and strong! Thank you for serving our community and keeping us safe. Please enjoy these cookies that we made. God Bless you! (South Precinct Staff, 7/22/2021)

l feel terrible because l cannot remember the name of the female officer. My heart warm gratitude to all of you. You are "Good Officers" and l hope the department utilizes your skills in training of Officers, not just the new officers. l was impressed with the sincerity of how you embraced the kids. The kids were happy and we adults cannot deceive them. The parents came to me to commend your attention to the kids and your overall attitudes. We are lucky in Spokane with relationships between the Police/Sheriff and the citizens. While it might be Perfect, it's Great -- my opinion. Let's keep in touch and l hope we can keep helping one another. Be safe and always follow your sixth sense. My regards. (Sergeant Mike Schneider, Officer Graig Butler, Officer Jen Kerns, 7/18/2021)

Thank you for serving. I wanted to tell you guys for all you guys do for us. (All Police, 7/19/2021)

I arrived home to find my back door ajar. I immediately called 911 and hid in my garage. Shortly, four wonderful officers arrived: Josh Zuray, Brent Armstrong, Andy Bjur, and Ryan Murphy. They searched the house and did not find the intruder. The officers were so professional and reassuring. Please place a gold star on their charts. The northeast side is a high crime area and no doubt presents many challenges to our police officers. Defunding the police is a Communistic plot. Me, my friends, and neighbors are totally against this. We appreciate our policemen. Best wishes for your continued success. (Officer Joshua Zuray, Officer Brent Armstrong, Officer Andrew Bjur, Officer Ryan Murphy, 7/19/2021)

Thank you Sir. We appreciate you. (Officer Tim Schwering, 7/15/2021)

I thought Ofc. LeQuire and you should be made aware of this letter and have it filed in his personnel file. Law enforcement do not always get the recognition they deserve, but when they do it should be acknowledged and celebrated! Letter: I would like to provide tremendous thanks and gratitude to Christopher Lequire, our officer who apprehended the suspect. He should be commended and promoted. (Officer Christopher LeQuire, 7/13/2021)

We appreciate you! Thank you for serving and protecting our community with integrity, professionalism, and compassion. [Note came with goodies and the group did a painting project at the Academy.] (All Police, 7/10/2021)

I just wanted to take this time to express how appreciative I am of SPD. I just read the story about the suspect throwing a lit gas can at an Officer. I am so happy the Officer is ok. He did an outstanding job taking that person into custody. I would like to say thank You to our Police Officers, God Bless You all. Most of all please keep up the great work you do and please be safe! (All Police, 7/7/2021)

Just wanted to thank you again for stopping by the other day. It's been so quiet next door. Later that day officers, a fire truck and an ambulance showed up to take one of the residents away, he was handcuffed until they put him on the gurney. Thank you again and be safe. (Officer Tim Schwering, 7/1/2021)

It's vitally important you know that FAR MORE people support the police than others might suppose. (All Police, 7/1/2021)

I was involved in a car accident the other night. I just wanted to pass my appreciation to the officer that assisted me. His name is Justin Druitt # 1405. He was so kind and reassuring. His treatment was exceptional. He made me feel safe and calmed me. Everything a young officer should be!! Please pass this on to him and his supervisor!! (Officer Justin Druitt, 6/27/2021)

You probably don’t hear that enough so I wanted to thank you for clearing out the park on Regal last week. I have been calling 311 and stopping at the COPS NE for a while and it seemed nobody did anything till you came along. Again, I just wanted to give a sign suggestion and give you personally a big thanks....Nobody else seemed to care or was able to do anything. It was like the Army came in and saved the block from the invaders!! (Officer Tim Schwering, 6/27/2021)

Thank you so much for supervising all the haul off here. It's a blessing. I can't tell you enough… thank you. (Officer Tim Schwering, 6/23/2021)

I had the great opportunity to go on a ride-along with Officer Kim Razey, on Lt. Wheeler and Sgt. Collin's shift. They impressively debriefed cases and worked through possible different tactical responses during Roll Call. I spent nearly six hours with Officer Razey and I found him to be courteous, professional, and competent in his work. Officer Razey handled several situations during this shift to include: a stolen/recovered vehicle; a domestic disturbance; a property dispute; and a traffic accident. Officer Razey impressively handled these sensitive situations while on scene and provided significant attention to investigation and follow up. He reacted quickly and efficiently, and was polite and reasonable with everyone we encountered. Officer Razey proved to be effective and patient as he worked to de-escalate situations quickly as he managed to extract the relevant information while still remaining considerate of emotional situations. Officer Razey also spent time asking thoughtful questions regarding our work. I appreciated this interaction and am thankful for having the opportunity to have a dialogue with him. (Officer Kim Razey, 6/22/2021)

I had the great opportunity to go on a ride-along with Officer Mike Baldwin, on Sgt. Tafoya's shift. We spent nearly seven hours together and I found him to be courteous, professional, and extremely competent in his work. This shift began differently from any shift I have observed as there was a significant structure fire in an apartment complex going on when roll call was beginning. Sgt. Tafoya gave quick briefs to individual officers and put them into service immediately. On this shift, Officer Baldwin handled several complex situations to include: attempting to help at the apartment fire; an anonymous complaint of an inappropriate adult male/juvenile female relationship; a house alarm; a neighborhood dispute; and a complaint of a juvenile runaway, who was recovered. Officer Baldwin impressively handled these sensitive situations while on scene and provided significant attention to investigation and follow up. Officer Baldwin jokingly explained that he has a reputation of receiving complex calls to the point his team refers to it as "They just got Baldwin'd (sp.)" if they get dispatched with him. His abilities were clearly evident as Officer Baldwin put in significant effort to research information during these calls and the officers were able to effectively handle all of the issues presented. Officer Baldwin consistently made me feel welcome and he did his best to answer all of my questions. He was transparent in his responses to me and replied from an informed officer perspective as we talked about upcoming legislation and its potential impacts on law enforcement. (Officer Michael Baldwin, 6/22/2021)

I had the opportunity to go on a ride-along with Sergeant Tafoya. We spent six and half hours together and I found him to be extremely knowledgeable, professional, and personable. Sergeant Tafoya provided me with a broad overview of his role as the power shift Sergeant; he provided me a tour of the North side areas of interest; he briefed me on recent significant incidents; and also discussed his role in the prioritization of calls. We responded to two incidents that day. The first involved a traffic accident with injuries in which a car crashed into a local restaurant. The second involved self-dispatching to a suspicious person which turned out to be a juvenile runaway. Sergeant Tafoya's level of knowledge and dedication to proactive enforcement became evident as he spent all of his unencumbered time patrolling, pointing out different areas of concern, and finding ways to interact with community members. It was readily apparent to me from the moment roll call started that the entire Power Shift team were prepared for their duties, yet relaxed, comfortable, and easy to engage with. In every aspect, he represented himself, the Spokane Police Department, and law enforcement very well. The most significant take-away I left with is that Sergeant Tafoya exudes enthusiasm about his job and the officers he is privileged to supervise and he is committed to their development and growth. (Sergeant Bryan Tafoya, 6/22/2021)

I had a weird situation a couple of weeks ago… Someone was messing around on my property. I requested an officer come to my house because the more I found out the more unsafe I felt. Officer McCollough showed up. I don't know what I was expecting anyone to do…. Haha… When he got here I told him that. BUT he was so nice. He even followed up a couple of days later and stopped by my house. I wasn't home so I didn't get to speak with him, but I wanted the department to know how much I appreciated him. Even though there really wasn't much he could do (he suggested a security system and cameras, which I got immediately) I just appreciate that he knew I felt uneasy and him following up made me feel safer. If you could, would you pass this on to him and/or his supervisor? I think officers need to hear this kind of thing more often… especially these days. (Corporal Jeffrey McCollough, 6/22/2021)

Our family wishes to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your service and dedication. In spite of all of the restrictions put on law enforcement, you still put on your uniform and go out every day to every call and put your life on the line to protect our families and communities. Our society would not survive without your service. Please stay safe and watch over your brothers and sisters. We pray daily for your safety. May God Bless you! (All Police, 6/22/2021)

I had the great opportunity to go on a ride-along with Officer Ben Manning. I found him to be courteous, professional, and competent in his work. Officer Manning handled several situations during this shift to include: an involuntary committal; a stolen bike complaint; an assault at a group home; a vehicle/pedestrian accident with injuries; and a domestic disturbance. Officer Manning impressively handled these sensitive situations while on scene and provided significant attention to investigation and follow up. He did his best to educate me on his thought process prior to arriving at a call and how he confirmed facts from individuals without identification. I was able to see the challenges facing officers with traffic while responding with lights and sirens as very few vehicles slowed and pulled to the right. Regardless, Officer Manning carefully maneuvered through these situations safely and appropriately. (Officer Ben Manning, 6/22/2021)

To the entire Spokane Police Department, from the Managers and Owner of Borracho, Boombox, Fast Eddies, Red Wheel and Rivercity Brewing, thank you for all the support and service this past year and beyond. You are SO appreciated. (All Police, 6/21/2021)

Mr. Schwering, thank you for your help. I know you guys are busy enough but want to say that we appreciate you and all our police officers out there. We have the highest respect for our Men and Women in Blue and always praying for you all. (Officer Tim Schwering, 6/18/2021)

You have excellent people on your team. Mardee was able to slide me into a cancellation this morning. I was uncomfortable asking for help. Ultimately, I'm glad I'm filling a cancellation rather than getting wedged into a new slot. I truly appreciate you and your team for looking for the right opportunity. There has not been an occasion where I interact with SPD members, and it was nothing short of highly professional. This experience is nothing different. (Mardee Ellis, 6/17/2021- A note received from a citizen waiting for a CPL appointment)

I had a fantastic interaction with SPD Officer Dunsmoor. He and Officer Dotson assisted with an apprehension at a local business. Officer Dunsmoor did a particularly excellent job of using Motivational Interview and open ended questions. He was able to provide empathetic listening, validation, and reflect their values, which helped to de-escalate the client, who presented with significant mood lability throughout the interaction. His interaction and patience with them helped the apprehension go as smoothly as possible. The staff also expressed gratitude for his patience with their client. (Officer Joseph Dunsmoor, 6/17/2021)

I've seen the police work in countless lives of people, and it would be the worst decision ever made to take them away. There is absolutely no positive outcome to defunding the police, they keep everyone safe and hold everyone accountable! (All Police, 6/16/2021)

I want to say thank you for partnering with us during the Spokane Public Schools 2021 Graduations. The Spokane Police Department team members I worked with were professional, proactive, and represented the SPD well. I look forward to us serving our community together. (Officer Marvin Cunningham, Officer William Workman, 6/16/2021)

Dear Spokane Police Department, thank you for risking your life for mine. Every time they put their uniform on, they put my safety above theirs. They will do anything to make sure no one gets hurt. Every time they leave for another shift, they are not guaranteed to return home. But they still answer every call and do what it takes to rescue a child in danger or end a potentially deadly hostage situation. Most importantly, thank you for doing a job most of us couldn't do. It takes a strong and brave person to do the things they do on a daily basis. They have to make quick decisions on a life or death situations. There is never a guarantee that their decision is the right one. A police officer is able to handle the pressure to make the best decision in the moment. Not many people can put their lives in danger like these men and women do. So every police officer, thank you for all you do. Thank you for making that choice to protect and serve. Thank you for doing what so many of us aren't brave enough to do. Thank you for keeping us safe. (All Police, 6/14/2021)

To the dedicated, brave officers and their support team- First, let me thank you for all the good things you do. The kindness to children and adult citizens. The times you help when we just need someone to reassure us, comfort us, and above all protect us by putting our safety ahead of yours. I'm so amazed when I see or hear of the courage you exemplify when you run toward danger, not knowing if a simple traffic stop may be more than that. I pray when I hear sirens, for your safety. God Bless you all. (All Police, 6/14/2021)

I am in a new role with a local agency and had the opportunity to collaborate with Ofc. Prim and Ofc. Jones yesterday. Without their assistance we would not have had a successful outcome in this particular situation, which potentially saved this person's life and addressed a very real community health concern! I have always believed it is important to call out successes in collaboration. I am very grateful for the outcome of our endeavor yesterday- thank you to your team! (Officer Micah Prim, Officer Casey Jones, 6/11/2021)

Had an exciting day yesterday! With the help of Spokane Police Department's PACT team, we recovered our stolen bike! And it went down amazing! Almost like I was a camera man (minus the camera) of a COPS episode watching the dude run away from them! It was awesome to say the least! These guys are getting a very positive review from me for sure. Thanks for all you do. You know who you are. (PACT Team, 6/11/2021)

I wanted to take the opportunity to point out the exceptional efforts of Officer Brett Spring. The Spokane County Prosecuting Attorney's Office recently completed the successful prosecution of a defendant. The exceptional work done by Officer Spring was a primary reason that the Spokane County Prosecuting Attorney's Office could successfully hold this person accountable and have his case brought to justice. Officer Spring's follow up trial work proved to be pivotal because an important witness refused to appear voluntarily. Officer Spring's assistance with that witness allowed the jury to hear their testimony. Their testimony proved important at trial. Also, Officer Spring conducted himself with exceptional professionalism throughout the trial process. Officer Spring's participation and testimony was also important at trial. It is due to such exceptional efforts that the Spokane County Prosecuting Attorney's Office can achieve successes such as this. Therefore, I would like to commend Officer Spring for his efforts and commend the Spokane Police Department for its support in our continuing fight against domestic violence. (Officer Brett Spring, 6/7/2021)

[Transcribe of a phone call received] A woman's child graduated last week and a bunch of kids came over to her to celebrate graduating - they got very loud, etc. and someone called the police. She wanted to give some positive feedback about their experience with those officers. She said “They were just lovely”. She said all they did was check to make sure everyone was safe. She appreciated how they treated the kids rather than ticketing them. She said they could have caused quite an expense and trouble for these kids but they just made sure everyone was safe and she really appreciated that. (Officer Ryan McLucas, Officer Jordon Schott, 6/7/2021)

Today while at work my team and I got stuck... We had no tow straps, but across the street, was a shiny beacon of hope in the form of a black and white Spokane city police vehicle. Now I know that in today's times officers, deputies and troopers are overlooked for the way they help others, but I always think back to what my mother taught me: when you need help, find an officer. They are prepared for anything. So I approached this officer at his residence and he generously loaned us two brand new tow straps to hook two of our trucks together and safely pull up the steep hill and avoid damaging property and most definitely myself who stupidly pulled too far down the hill in the first place. I know this was his day off, so I hope you can find out who he is and let him know that he gives credit to the badge. Thank you for having officers like this! (Officer Mike McCasland, 6/3/2021)

We support and appreciate our law enforcement. Thank you for your sacrifice and courage. (All Police, 6/3/2021)

Please thank Police Officer J. Valencia and the Corporal that took photos for their quick response and attentiveness to our property. We appreciate all of your department's efforts and look forward to any updates. (Officer Jacqui Valencia, Unknown Corporal, 6/2/2021)

Blessings Chief! I was homeless for the better part of 4 years. Tough gig but enlightening. Big love for all your officers in the neighborhood. Great folks! All my love and undying support for you and yours! (Chief Craig Meidl, 5/31/2021)

I have always admired law enforcement and want to be a state trooper when I grow up. I would like to thank you for your service to our county and community. I was born in Spokane, and over the years, have encountered many Spokane officers. They were always very kind. At my old house, there was an ongoing problem with squatters across the street, and our neighborhood resource officer helped us and showed us what we could do. I am very appreciative of you and will continue to support law enforcement as much as I can. Thank you for everything you do. (All Police, 5/28/2021)

I wanted to give a shout out to officer Barker who was very professional to deal with on an incident of hit and run. You have a good culture going on my friend. (Officer Scott Barker, 5/26/2021)

Fabian took his K9 Partner, King, up to Wilson Elementary School to talk with both 3rd grade classes, introduce them to King, and explain a bit about policing with a K9. For about 30 minutes, he had them engaged and asking pertinent questions. I don't think having King there hurt the attention span, but Ofc. Fabian represented the department extremely well in its introduction to the minds of these young kids. As you can see by some of the reviews, Ofc. Fabian is not just "jeneres" and a "great teller," but is also the "best cop ever." (Officer Brandon Fabian, 5/26/2021)

Thank you for the First Responder Drive By Deaconess Hospital. The staff loved it and really appreciate your show of support. It has been a tough year for all of us but we work together to get through. Please extend our thanks to your awesome team! (All Police, 5/25/2021)

You seem to have a good one in Officer Jen Kerns. We had a wonderful conversation with her at an event on Saturday and she was very friendly and knowledgeable and wanting to engage. She approached us and wanted to chat. I really appreciated that. Just wanted to pass that along. (Officer Jen Kerns, 5/25/2021)

Thank you Officer Schwering and COP shop for following through and cleaning Garland between Morton and Nevada. I'm sure my neighbors would agree, it's nice to look down the street and not see a congestion of junk cars. More importantly, people can access their property without a problem. Thanks again. I appreciate it. (Officer Tim Schwering and the COP Shop, 5/25/2021)

I'm writing this email about three amazing Spokane Police Officers of yours. I've personally witnessed each one these officer's selfless acts of kindness. That type of kindness that could only come from their hearts and souls and the light of God shining through them to shine on those in need. However, some of my professional experiences with these three officers wouldn't have been possible without good leadership. Even though I have only met you a handful of times Mr. Chief Meidl, I can still place a high degree of emphasis on your professional and personal integrity. Spokane has a great Police Department. I can't begin to imagine how much responsibility you have. Specifically this past year, with the defund the police movement. One of the three officers, Detective Devin Presta the way he is able to function at a local and federal level is amazing. He has been there for me and my family ready to assist in any way he can. Officer Graig Butler, I first met him at one of our YPI meetings. I made the mistake of instantly judging him as a cocky officer. I couldn't be more wrong. I have witnessed Officer Butler go way beyond his call of duty for the youth we are assisting. Throughout the last two years working with him through YPI and PAL program him and I have become very good friends. Majority of our conversations are his concern about the youth. Strategizing on what approach would be most beneficial to certain teenagers. His dedication towards his job, reaching out to the community has been uniquely amazing. Last but not least, which I'm sure you are acquainted with this special officer. Captain Tracie Meidl, I refer to her as my guardian angel. Ms. Tracie is truly blessed with that special essence of genuine kindness and it illustrates that even the darkest pits of despair and hopelessness can be illuminated by just one kind of caring word or act. Genuine kindheartedness that has the miraculous power to heal, transform and inspire. It can also foster forgiveness and a desire to change. (Detective Devin Presta, Officer Graig Butler, Captain Tracie Meidl, 5/18/2021)

I need to get a hold of Officer Ben Fuson. He was one of the Officer's that came over and he was able to convince my daughter to get help. I just want to thank him. He was an answer to prayer man… (Officer Benjamin Fuson, 5/17/2021)

To the entire police force of Spokane, It is National Police Week and I would like to thank you for all you do for our community, your hard work. I appreciate you putting your life on the line for us every day. I am truly appalled by the inconsiderate behavior exhibited by the ignorant, undisciplined, disrespectful people who are so unkind and unappreciative of what you do to keep our community safe. Those are the kind of people who will call you first if there is some kind of a necessity for your help. Thank you and God Bless you in your duties each day and many prayers for your safety. (All Police, 5/17/2021)

Spokane Police Department received letters from Southside Christian School thanking the police for serving the community. (All Police, 5/12/2021)

Great interaction with Officers Baldwin and Meyer! Love my police! (Officer Jared Meyer, Officer Michael Baldwin, 5/11/2021)

A man called in this morning to make sure that the Chief knew about his experience with several of our officers. He said Cpl. Conrath assisted him and the caller was very impressed with his response. He said he couldn't think of enough adjectives to describe Cpl. Conrath but offered these; “most professional, very polite, competent, comforting, and a pleasure to deal with”. The caller added that he observed the other two officers responding the same way to the other driver. He was really impressed by all of them and he felt they went “over and above what he expected” from them and he wanted to be sure to acknowledge them. (Corporal Christopher Conrath, Officer Daniel Morley, Officer Marvin Cunningham, 5/11/2021)

Chief, Detective Lesser, Sergeant Bartlett, Major McNab, and any other officers that were involved in my son's case, I want to thank you all. I greatly appreciate all your help. You are all so very kind and helpful. (Chief Craig Meidl, Detective Randy Lesser, Sergeant Glenn Bartlett, Major McNab, 5/11/2021)

Please accept our deepest gratitude for the generous hard work and organization of the Youth Leadership Spokane Public safety event at the Police Training center. It was a terrific evening of learning and fun. I think all of the youth greatly appreciated all you and the other officers did to educate them. I know their eyes were opened to a whole new view of police work. Please extend our thanks to the K9 officers who took time out of their schedules to come share this interesting and unique type of service with the youth. They learned a lot and were very grateful. (Officer Graig Butler, 5/10/2021)

[The Chief was invited to speak at the Rotary Club and one of the members sent a thank you.] Angie, When are we going to be able to meet you. You have been my go between for a long time. Thanks so much for your help. The Chief was outstanding. We could have gone on with questions for a long time. It is always tells us a lot about the speaker if there are a lot of questions. That means that people wanted to hear every word and had good questions. We covered a lot of territory today. I had my questions answered on the George Floyd incident. The Chief talked about the uprising down town after the George Floyd incident. It was very enlightening because he handled it much differently that what has happened in Portland and Seattle. We are lucky to have the law enforcement that we have. Thanks again to you and the Chief. (Angie Napolitano, Chief Craig Meidl, 5/6/2021)

This is the officer I was talking about the other day when we were at WinCo. He is such a fine officer. We connected the next day at another store and I made sure to take a minute and tell him we appreciate him and thank him for being so gentle. (Officer Ed Richardson, 5/6/2021)

At a time when most police departments are under a microscope and the behavior of each officer scrutinized for anything less than perfect, it is easy to overlook the good events that never hit the media and remain unknown. For example, our son experienced a mental health crisis recently. It could have ended in a very tragic night for my family, but it didn't. Thanks to the wisdom and timely intervention of officer Schott-1352 and officer Guzzo-1244, a man received what he didn't want, but desperately needed. Force was required. But it was force that saved a man's life, and amazingly— with no stitches, bruises, or sprains. Unfortunately, my son remembers little of that evening. However, on behalf of my family, please convey our deep thanks to the officers involved. It was a perfect event from my stand point, a reflection of the department and the officers who responded. (Officer Jordon Schott, Officer Anthony Guzzo, 5/5/2021)

I was involved in a car accident and we called 911 for assistance. Officer Dean Draper arrived, contacted a tow company, collected our information, gave me a citation and helped calm or comfort the young lady I hit. I just want to say that I was very impressed with Mr. Draper, first of all with his willingness to help, his professionalism and how he presented himself. Other officers arrived and were also very professional and friendly. In this strange world we are living in I need to provide this feedback to you, it's important because I feel Law Enforcement is being labeled and treated unfairly, and when citizens like myself get to see firsthand the benefits of having people like Dean there to help in the event of an emergency it really makes me feel fortunate and confident that our community is in good hands. He is a professional and a great representation of your department. (Officer Dean Draper, 5/4/2021)

Thank you so much for stopping by. We really appreciate it! (Officer Tim Schwering, 5/4/2021)

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the efforts on targeting street racing and gathering of cars on the Newport Highway near the old Shopko. I live only a block off the Newport highway and the constant noise of backfiring, racing cars and burnouts has been very irritating for the last 12 months. It's been quite disturbing for my family's life on the weekends and in the evenings. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for giving my neighborhood it's peace back!! I hope this will be an ongoing effort to make this a permanent change back to normal. (All Police, 5/3/2021)

Thank you for sharing our sorrow. Your kindness is appreciated and will always be remembered. (All Police, 5/3/2021)

Well Done and thank you! for your street racing enforcement. (All Police, 4/30/2021)

Good afternoon. I just wanted to inform you that the officers who arrested me treated me with utmost respect. The police force is under incredible scrutiny lately, and I wanted to pass along my experience as a criminal that these men were respectful. They even thanked me for how I conducted myself during the arrest process, which they did not have to do. You have a wonderful team, and I'm grateful. Please take care. And know these men did their duty to the highest form. (Officer Alexander Baxter, Corporal Brandon Lynch, 4/21/2021)

I have to give a cheer out to the Spokane Police Department. This morning my brother was very, very sick and very weak. My sister called 911. Being the stubborn gentleman that he is, my brother got angry and pulled the phone plug out of the wall at the start of the conversation. So of course the conversation was dropped. About 20 minutes later a police officer came to her door to check on them. He went to the hospital then. Thank you for coming because he had some imminent issues. I was very impressed. A big thank you-- may well have saved his life. (Lieutenant Rich Meyer, 4/28/2021)

We would like to show our appreciation for our SPD. With everything going on in this nation, we want you to know majority of people still value the service and sacrifices you make daily. We appreciated the opportunity to serve a meal to the members of the Spokane Police Department last week. We are honored and humbled to be able to serve those who selflessly serve and protect our families on a daily basis. (All Police, 4/28/2021)

I would like to commend you on our interaction the other day. I know you guys deal with a bunch of un willing and non-truthful individuals and I realize you have a job to do but would really like to express my thanks on how you handled the situation. I cannot thank you enough for what you are doing in keeping the neighborhood safe where me and my family and family like us reside. I know you have a lot on your plate. Again I have the upmost respect for you and your fellow officers and cannot express how grateful we as a community are to have you as our NRO. If you see me in the yard feel free to stop by and say hello don't be a stranger. (Officer Tim Schwering, 4/28/2021)

I wanted to take a minute to thank you and those that assisted my Deputies in the recovery of stolen property from our county in your city. With our limited resources we are grateful for the assistance in this recovery for the victims in our county. For our small county these types of crimes are very concerning to our citizens and when we are able to go after those responsible we try very hard too. I understand that Lt. Boothe was also present to assist and I would like to reach out to him as well for a thank you. If you could, please forward me his email I would appreciate it. (Detective Greg Thieschafer, Lieutenant Rob Boothe, 4/27/2021)

You guys were on it quick! Thank you for everything you are doing to help our neighborhood. It's very much appreciated! (North Precinct, 4/26/2021)

Thank you for your officer that showed up today after a false alarm on our system, very prompt, squared away, and very professional. (Officer Corey Miller, 4/18/2021)

A community member called to say how grateful they were that SPD helped them out when they got locked out. This situation is not one a police officer would normally respond to so the caller was very impressed that the officers went out of their way to help him. The caller said the help and emotional comfort the officers provided speaks volumes about their character and values. (Officer Garth Craigen, 4/16/2021)

Great job with the DRE school. You made a great course manager team and that was evident with quality of the students completing the class. [DRE stands for drug recognition expert. SPD holds classes on identifying drug use for our officers and others from around the region.] (Officer Mike Thomas, 4/15/2021)

I just want to take a moment to thank you for your involvement with the DRE (drug recognition expert) class that just concluded. It's been a while since I was certified but I remember as a student how much work it was. I've never been a DRE instructor but I have instructed other courses over time have developed an appreciation for how much MORE work running and teaching classes is. With the changing dynamic in this state, with regard to possession of controlled substances, we could potentially see an uptick in impaired driving incidents across the state. The work that you have put in over the last several months will have an immediate and real impact. I know of at least a couple DRE's that went through the class you taught that have already been active within their communities. (Officer Mike Thomas, 4/15/2021)

A shout out to Ron Voeller, again. He is consistently amazing and effective with our clients and all collaterals involved. He is a huge asset on every assignment I have been lucky enough to have him on. I cannot say enough positive things about his skills and compassion demonstrated every time. (Officer Ronald Voeller, 4/15/2021)

An individual called in today to pass along his heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the Spokane Police Department for their professionalism and courtesy regarding a recent event. He stated very adamantly that we have a great Police Department and he could not thank us enough, especially the investigators involved, enough for their conduct and manner during this time. (All Police, 4/14/2021)

Thank you for what you are doing with nearby apartments. There's clearing out. I don't know what is going on but we are glad it's going on. I thank you. Things are looking so much better there. (Officer Tim Schwering, 4/8/2021)

Last night while on my way home I realized my front right passenger tire had blown and I pulled off onto the shoulder on I-90 just west of Argonne. I got out, and got my spare tire out and had it leaning up against the back of my car and had gotten back into my car to call AAA. Shortly after that, about 7:55 p.m., Captain David Richards pulled up behind me with his lights on, and came up to my window. He let me know that even though he was off duty, and on his way home, he wanted to stop and make sure I was okay. He was so kind, and so nice, he actually changed my tire for me. Police officers right now are having to go through so much. There is such a lack of respect nationwide for the men and women that put their lives on the line every day to make sure that we, as a public, are safe. It truly makes me sad. It seems like everyone is always so quick to complain when they're not happy with something. I just wanted to brighten your day and let you know that you have amazing officers on your force, and I appreciate all that they do, but especially Captain Richards, who used his personal time to help out a stranger in distress. (Captain Dave Richards, 4/8/2021)

Thank you for serving in this City. You're appreciated! Blessings! Jesus loves you. The Lord Jesus protect and keep you safe and your families safe. (All Police, 4/6/2021)

Each month, our class of second graders chooses a group of people to receive thank you notes. This month, they chose Spokane Law Enforcement. Thank you for all you do for the community and I hope you enjoy these letters. (All Police, 3/31/2021)

To the Spokane Police, and all Police, with all the noise going on in this country, you may not be able to hear us, but there are millions of us who respect and appreciate your hard work and dedication. Thank you for your service and PLEASE stay safe out there! (All Police, 3/24/2021)

A patrol officer gave a little girl a police badge sticker. Her father sent in a photo of her wearing it on her jacket and relayed that she wants to wear it all the time. (Unknown Officer, 3/24/2021)

Officer Brandon Roy responded to the residential burglary of my home. I was very impressed with his professional demeanor. He was genuinely friendly and courteous. He was precise in gathering all the facts about the incident. He took the time to double check the serial numbers and asked me to check them as well. I felt that Officer Roy was sincerely concerned about my loss of the items taken. After finishing his report information, he was thoughtful enough to take the time to walk through some excellent ways I might prevent this kind of theft from reoccurring. Officer Brandon Roy is a fine tribute to your force and an excellent reflection of the Spokane Police Department! (Officer Brandon Roy, 3/29/2021)

My family and I are strong supporters of law enforcement. We want to thank you for not giving up when so many people have said and done horrible things to the brave police officers who protect us. We appreciate you and your sacrifices and want to thank you and your families. Please don't stop protecting the community! We are praying for you. (All Police, 3/23/2021)

I wanted to pass along my thanks and kudos for your officers tonight. I was at my neighbor's house and when I was heading home we discovered a woman in his truck in his garage (we guess to get warm). We attempted to get her out, offered her a ride, etc. and she wouldn't talk to us so we called you guys. Your officers arrived and handled the situation perfectly. They were kind, but firm to solve the problem. They used only the slightest physical touch to get her out of the truck and treated her with care and respect. I'm sure they are right now getting her more help. (Officer Michael Baughn, Officer Jordan Clare, Officer Austin Neale, Officer Caleb Martin, Officer Christopher Benesch, 3/23/2021)

I want to tell you about a situation I experienced Monday morning… I was headed down the road when a black SUV pulled up next to me. I instantly think "oh gosh they are going to start bumping music and wake my baby". The light turns green and the SUV pulls ahead of me on my left. Out of nowhere a white pick-up comes flying up behind me. He swerved around me then swerves between me and the SUV and all of a sudden he slams in his breaks and I hit my breaks. Next thing I know that black SUV flips his police lights on and pulls the truck over. To my surprise it was a cop. Yes I clearly should have been more observant. I'm in tears at this point. It all happened so quickly but honestly if my kids had been arguing in the back and I had been distracted for one second who knows maybe we wouldn't have been so lucky. That cop could have easily just let the guy go but he didn't. I'm well aware of how unappreciative people have been toward law enforcement this past year and also aware that each traffic stop requires paperwork and time out of the officers day. Did the driver cause an accident? No. But he sure didn't care about the safety of my kids in that moment. I just want that officer to know how much I appreciate him. I saw him pull the guy over so I'm writing this to say thank you to Officer Draper. Thank you for risking your life each and every day to make this world safer for all of us. (Officer Dean Draper, 3/18/2021)

I wanted to thank your officers who keep coming out here. It's ridiculous and they still show up and maintain professionalism even though the people here are crazy. I appreciate what they're doing especially since my property management company does nothing. Thank you for your hard work. It may seem like it doesn't matter but it really does. (All Police, 3/17/2021)

We, and our neighbors, were certainly relieved when the newly appointed Logan neighborhood resource officer Tim Schwering helped expeditiously remove unauthorized occupants from a nearby property, partly in response to our to our diligent reporting. (Officer Tim Schwering, 3/15/2021)

Chief Meidl, I am writing to express the gratitude of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Drug Evaluation Classification (DEC) program for the outstanding leadership provided by Officer Mike Thomas during the WA DRE [Drug Recognition Expert] school. Officer Thomas served as the assistant course manager for the school, and I had the pleasure of witnessing his dedication and outstanding leadership during the school. Those traits combined with his years of DRE instructor experience and program knowledge ensured that all 16 Washington police officers successfully completed the training, attaining some of the highest academic scores ever recorded. The successful completion of Washington DRE training is a credit to the dedication and professionalism of Officer Thomas. (Officer Mike Thomas, 3/15/2021)

St. Aloysius Catholic School students sent 40 cards thanking Officer Schwering for visiting their school. (Officer Tim Schwering, 3/15/2021)

I want to thank the responding officers that came to my house. These Officers saved my life. The call came in as my kids were scared. Thank you to the officers for being patient with me. Thank you for not hurting me. Thank you for not arresting me. Thank you for everything. You both saved my life. I almost died. Again I just want to thank you for helping me. Much love to the Spokane Police Department. (Officer Xenon Berkeley, Officer Greg Thompson, Officer Chad Reyes, 3/11/2021)

I just got your message and I appreciate you and all of your help. In this matter and in all you do for our community! You were absolutely amazing in talking with my kid and I truly appreciate that. (Officer Tim Schwering, 3/9/2021)

I need to write this email to let you know what kind of officer you have representing the Spokane police Dept. I met Officer Kerns a few weeks ago at the courthouse with my daughter. We were about to file papers for a restraining order against her former boyfriend. We approached Officer Kerns and struck up a conversation and one thing led to another and we started talking about my daughters issues. Officer Kerns wanted to know everything about what was going on and we filled her in. she gave my daughter all the information to do it right. Hell, it didn't stop there. She really got involved. She suggested my daughter contact the YWCA, and provided a book suggestion, so I bought it for my daughters. And there's more. She gave my daughter her number so she could reach out to her at any time through the process. I was under the gun to get a copy of the incident report Officer Kerns filed on my daughters' behalf to the courthouse and records were closed. She came in on her day off, went to the department and got me two copies of the report to turn in. She said the weight of her report would really help to get the judge to sign off on the protection order and it did. I know citizens can't wait to complain to you about a "perceived" issue with one of your officers. But I felt compelled to let you know you have one hell of an officer on your force. I get so frustrated when our Police Officers put their lives on the line day in and day out to protect us and they don't get the recognition they truly deserve. I for one would stop what I was doing and come to the aid of any officer in distress. Please pass on to them that the citizens who think you and your Officers are heroes vastly outnumber those who do not. And also to keep their heads on a swivel, stay frosty and always aim center mass. God Bless and Semper Fi! (Officer Jen Kerns, 3/3/2021)

Dear Officer Applewhaite, I just wanted to thank you for your kindness and demeanor on my traffic stop. I was understandably nervous and embarrassed for being pulled over, but your friendliness helped me feel safe. Thank you for your service to the Spokane community. (Officer Kenneth Applewhaite, 3/1/2021)

I've had some difficulties with some neighbors of mine and I just wanted to leave a good review for one of your officers. I can't tell you enough how helpful she has been! Concerned, caring, patient and understanding. She made herself available for me to ask her questions. Has gone out of her way to help me with this situation I am in. I'm not sure if I am messaging the right place but somebody needs to know how great she is! Her name is Officer Deanna Storch #841. I truly am blown away by her. (Officer Deanna Storch, 2/28/2021)

We send our support for your efforts to find and bring to justice the perpetrators of the reprehensible vandalism of Temple Beth Shalom. This action was a disgraceful incidence, and it is frightening and discouraging to know that this hatred remains in our community and region; it reminds us that we must stand united and continue to educate work, and struggle for improvement for all of us. As an organization that is dedicated to supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion, we appreciate that this offense is being pursued as a hate crime, and hope that the prosecution of the criminal(s) will be a deterrent to the racists and bigots who we know skulk in this region. We appreciate your continued diligence in this regard and look forward to hearing of your success in resolving this crime. (Chief Craig Meidl, 2/24/2021)

Chief Meidl and Mayor Woodward, Bloomsday has had the good fortune of working with Sergeant John Gately in coordinating security details for our annual spring race. His efforts have both elevated the prestige of Bloomsday while also ensuring the safety of our community. Bloomsday is a race that relies on extraordinary individuals who have the best interest of its city and citizens in mind. Officer John Gately is that individual and his leadership has allowed Bloomsday to remain as one of Spokane's premier events. Thank you to Officer Gately for his dedication to great community events like Bloomsday. We will miss working with him as he brings his talents to other areas of the Spokane Police Department. (Sergeant John Gately, 2/25/2021)

On behalf of the entire Gonzaga community, I thank you and your officers for their commitment to keeping our students and the Logan neighborhood community safe. We are truly grateful for the diligent efforts and countless hours that SPD and the PACT investigators dedicated to apprehending the suspects who burglarized several homes over winter break. The fact that the officer could link the three suspects with 9 of the 11 burglaries was genuinely commendable. Our sincerest thanks to you for the work you do every day to keep the residents of Spokane safe. The ways in which you work in collaboration with Gonzaga, and in particular our Campus Security and Public Safety officers, is deeply appreciated. (PACT Team, 2/24/2021)

I received a call from Mindy [Officer Melinda Leen] in the Spokane Police Records Unit. Mindy assisted me in re-activating my concealed weapons permit. She was so positive, friendly, professional, and patient! She deserves a star on her chart for a good job well done! I was so thankful for her assistance! (Officer Melinda Leen, 2/24/2021)

Officers: Thank You Very Much for your prompt and professional response to our call for medical assistance for our adult son, who was experiencing a never-before-seen and out-of-character change in personality caused by extreme-stress-in-life-circumstances, exhaustion and frustration. We had stated in reporting that he was non-violent and no weapons, that he was a talker-not-a-fighter, and you very much treated him that way (especially after seeing for yourselves that he was a non-violent type). We also fully understand that you were there primarily for everyone's protection and precaution, especially the MHPs.. You All are a Credit to your Department, especially in these difficult and challenging times. Plus you plowed yourselves thru a fresh snow, and tolerated our Monday-morning-looking house! You treated all with dignity and respect under the circumstances, and it ended up as it should have. Thanks again, and may you and yours stay safe. (Officer Jordan Brown, Officer Neil Higgins, Officer Jordan Orrell, 2/2/2021)

Wanted to let you know we hauled out four large dumpster trucks of trash from the house today. The company removed EVERYTHING. The house is absolutely empty and actually looks normal. Some deep cleaning and repairs and it should be on the market in a few weeks. Tomorrow we will have a security system installed with motion and door sensor and a siren. Anybody breaks another window and gets in will be startled, the system calls us and well try to figure out what is going on before calling you guys. We cant thank you enough for your work, you deserve a medal. (Officer Tim Schwering, 2/16/2021)

I want to acknowledge the kindness shown to me by Officer Jen Kerns. I had misplaced my cell phone and my battery was dead. Officer Kerns came into my house and helped me find my phone. I live alone in a cold dark house and it was in the middle of a windstorm so I was especially grateful for her kindness. Officer Kerns is a credit to your department and a gift to the City of Spokane. (Officer Jen Kerns, 2/18/2021)

Chief Meidl, I would like to thank you for the remarkable attentiveness demonstrated by Officer Dan Cole. When called upon for incidents in our store, Officer Cole goes above and beyond with regard to responsiveness and professionalism. His commendable support to our store manager and loss prevention agent is a feat we can only hope of being replicated at other locations. If anyone deserves recognition today, it is our law enforcement agencies, we feel so very blessed to have an efficient and dedicated force protecting our store. (Officer Daniel Cole, 2/17/2021)

I wanted to commend Officer Dale Wells for doing a great job about a house where they were dealing a lot of drugs in the neighborhood. He went out of his way, taking action, and helping out the citizens and the neighbors. He's a good guy, and is doing a great job. (Corporal Dale Wells, 2/15/2021)

I want you to know that speaking for the properties that I'm involved with, we are so appreciative of the work by SPD (Dale Wells has been unbelievable)! (Corporal Dale Wells, 2/10/2021)

I was so excited to see two young women officers patrolling on foot. It was wonderful to see that. I thought I would send a positive message about hiring women. I still think you need to hire more black officers. Thank you. (Chief Craig Meidl, 2/3/2021)

Thank you for the diligent and sacrificial way you protect and care for us. Your presence is encouraging and makes us feel safer. We want you to know that there are many who support you and stand with you. (All Police, 1/29/2021)

I want to take a moment and commend you for your selection of Major McNab. He has been so very helpful in dealing with a distraught mother and daughter. I look at him as the model for the behavior and service we should all strive for. (Major Mike McNab, 1/29/2021)

Thank you for sponsoring our families this Christmas. (Officers and employees with SPDs Internal Affairs department chipped in to purchase Christmas gifts for a family in need.) (Internal Affairs, 1/29/2021)

I want to let you know how much we appreciate you and SPDs attention to our problem property, you have really given it a "full court press". You must have a full plate and we know ours is a very complex situation, especially due to the eviction moratorium. (Officer Tim Schwering, 1/29/2021)

Thank you to Officer Schwering for his assistance with a stalking call. (Officer Tim Schwering, 1/28/2021)

Several of your patrol officers are very proactive and reach out to me and other financial institutions when working situations and cases. Eckersley and Schwering, to name a few. (Detective Dave Eckersley, Officer Tim Schwering, 1/27/2021)

Thank you for sponsoring our families this Christmas. (Officers and employees with the Spokane Police Academy chipped in to purchase Christmas gifts for a family in need.) (SPD Academy, 1/27/2021)

The staff at Arlington Elementary School want to thank you for helping so many of our families enjoy a blessed Christmas. This would not have happened without your incredibly generous support. You answered our prayers with resounding love and generosity by helping families and children benefit from your selflessness and kindness. Because of you, many children were able to enjoy the joy and peace of a traditional Christmas season. (Community Outreach, 1/27/2021)

I wanted to thank you for all that you've done for me and my family, helping me get into treatment during COVID. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't even know about this place. (Officer Tim Schwering, 1/24/2021)

Yesterday marked a wonderful day in our South Perry District neighborhood. We are blessed; no more nuisance activity in our special piece of heaven. With ENORMOUS gratitude dear Tim! (Officer Tim Schwering, 1/22/2021)

I decided to write this note to express my support and gratitude to all of the hardworking police officers in our city. I think you are amazing, don't receive enough recognition for all of the work you do, and my heart truly goes out to each one of you. As you risk your lives to serve and protect our community, you are all heroes in my book. (All Police, 1/20/2021)

A local business owner brought sub sandwiches to Executive Staff to say thank you for your service. (All Police, 1/20/2021)

It came to my attention this morning that a defendant been arrested on two counts of a DV no contact order violation. Upon review of his recent DV criminal history, I felt that it was most beneficial if a member of the DV Unit came along and spoke to the facts surrounding the very recent and escalating behavior of the defendant. I asked Officer Ames and Officer Specht to join me in court. I know that asking the pair to step away from their very busy, current duties to attend a first appearance hearing is a lot. Both Officer Ames and Officer Specht immediately obliged and without hesitation appeared in court with me. I had alerted the court coordinator that the DV Unit would be present in court and would like the opportunity to speak to the pending criminal case. When Officer Specht was called to testify, he was extremely professional, well-spoken and commanded presence in his testimony. His information was perfectly delivered and in my opinion without it, the defendant would have been released today. I am confident that without Officer Ames being present to represent the DV Unit, and the powerful testimony of Officer Specht, this hearing would have had a much different outcome. Their genuine concern and efforts have kept our victim and community safe. (Officer Erick Specht, Officer Aaron Ames, 1/21/2021)

On Wednesday, my husband and I were involved in a car accident. A group of young people abruptly turned left just in front of us while they were in the middle no-turn lane….and we collided. Officer Valencia responded. Thankfully everyone was OK…just sore from the collision. We live 100 miles away and were basically stranded. Our car was only drivable a couple of blocks, their car was not drivable. Officer Daniel filed the case. He was VERY PATIENT and made us all feel like we MATTERED. Officer Valencia, looked at PEMCO's list of collision specialists and escorted us to the shop. He then took us to Enterprise Rental, a few blocks away from the collision specialist and waited until HE knew we were going to be able to get home safely. That day, there was the wind advisory day that the power was out and many stoplights were out. This made it even more difficult to drive downtown, and Officer Daniel's compassion was reassuring to both of us. (Officer Daniel Valencia, 1/17/2021)

Just a quick note offering kudos to Trevor Nollmeyer. I outlined what I needed from Mr. Nollmeyer and he delivered without hesitation. It was such a favorable experience I felt compelled to send a note to his supervisor. (Corporal Trevor Nollmeyer, 1/13/2021)

Thank you for protecting us. We love cops. (All Police, 1/11/2021)

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You have been a blessing to our family. (Officer Jennifer DeRuwe, Community Outreach, 1/11/2021)

I don't ask for help so I am crying happy tears. You have brought the true meaning of Christmas with such a blessing. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. (Officer Graig Butler, Community Outreach, Spokane Police Foundation, and other generous donors, 1/11/2021 in regards to Christmas gifts received through SPD's Adopt-a-Family program)

I wanted to give a praise report for the officers who responded to our call. The call was for my son. He had walked off and we were new to the neighborhood. I was very scared and didn't know what to do and the police officers did great. They responded right away. Their demeanor was calm and very reassuring. (Officer Benjamin Fuson, Officer Alexander Baxter, Officer Trevor Walker, 1/8/2021)

Thank you for sending my son the note, coin, and patch. He loved it so much! We hope you are staying safe out there! We all do truly need you! (Community Outreach, 1/6/2021)

Words can't begin to express how grateful we are for the gift of the new stroller. We are overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity from all of you and promise to pay it forward. (Officer Graig Butler, Community Outreach, Spokane Police Foundation, other generous donors, 1/7/2021 when a special needs youngster's specialized stroller was stolen, individual officers chipped in to buy her a new one and the community stepped up as well with donations through the Spokane Police Foundation.)

I just wanted to send a quick note to give Kudos to two of your Dispatch team. Tonight we had a vehicle theft occur in our jurisdiction, and we quickly discovered that a child was in the back seat of the car. Naturally this set off an escalated response due to the threat of harm to the child. As you can imagine, it was quite chaotic. Scott Leslie and Trevor Berg made calls to outside agencies to expedite the dissemination of information. They also dug for information related to the call. They are both consistently helpful and courteous, and very easy to work with. I appreciate their teamwork and professionalism. We have always had an excellent and enviable working relationship with City dispatch... but these two really shine. I appreciate them very much and would just like to point that out to you. (Scott Leslie, Trevor Berg, 1/6/2021)

A local family brought homemade cookies to be shared at roll call to say thank you. (All Police, 1/4/2021)

I had the opportunity to read a report authored by Det. Curtis. Det. Curtis did a great job following up on this case and after reading his report I was very impressed with the work he did. (Detective Jason Curtis, 1/6/2021)

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