2019 (Cycle 9) School Safety

Project Number: 2019085

Status: Construction

Construction Estimate: $2,000,000

Project Description: Sidewalk and crosswalk improvements. This project is funded with local funds.

Project Location(s) and Schedule

District 1

  • Bemiss Elementary – RRFB at Euclid/Cook crosswalk
  • Arlington Elementary – PHB at Francis/Cook crosswalk
  • Gonzaga Prep- Flashing units and marked crosswalks at Perry and Dalton
  • Whitman Elementary – install missing sidewalk on Helena, North, and Sanson

District 2

  • Cataldo Catholic – RRFB at 18th and Bernard crosswalk
  • Grant Elementary – RRFB at 9th and Perry crosswalk

District 3

  • Audubon Elementary – PHB at Northwest and Elm crosswalk
  • Glover Middle School – install sidewalks on east side of Nettleton between Walton and Garland
  • Madison Elementary – install sidewalks on both sides of Everett from Wall to Whitehouse

Schedules to be determined.

Crews will be in the area during the scheduled time frame. All schedules are approximate and dependent on weather and unforeseen delays.

Once the contract has been awarded, contractors will be responsible for setting and maintaining the schedule for the work to be done. If you have questions regarding the construction schedule or the work being done, please contact the contractor's public representative.

Contractors are required to provide two business day's notice to a homeowner/business if the homeowner/business owner's property will be directly impacted by the work. This includes access issues.

Rectangular Rapid-flashing Beacon (RRFB): A Rectangular Rapid-flashing Beacon is a pedestrian-actuated light used in combination with a pedestrian, school, or trail crossing warning sign to improve safety at uncontrolled, marked crosswalks. The device includes two rectangular-shaped yellow indications, each with an LED-array-based light source, that flash with high frequency when activated.

Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon (PHB): A Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon head consists of two red lenses above a single yellow lens. Unlike a traffic signal, the PHB rests in dark until a pedestrian activates it via pushbutton or other form of detection. When activated, the beacon displays a sequence of flashing and solid lights that indicate the pedestrian walk interval and when it is safe for drivers to proceed.

Construction Zone Details

  • Planned Detours: No
  • Planned Lane Restrictions: Yes - as needed throughout project
  • Planned Road Closures: No - no full closures expected
  • Planned Utility Work: Yes - stormwater upgrades as needed
  • Pavement Cut Moratorium In Effect: No

Note: the contractor will do its best to minimize impacts on the public, but unforeseen circumstances may result in the need to temporarily revise traffic restrictions. For everyone's safety, please obey all traffic signs.

Construction Start Date: July 25, 2022

Expected Construction Completed Date: Early Fall 2022

Contract Award Date: May 30, 2022

Contractor: Cameron-Reilly

City Project Manager - Construction Phase: John Hogberg, 509.625.7722, jhogberg@spokanecity.org

City Project Manager - Design Phase: Rich Proszek, 509.625.6700, rproszek@spokanecity.org

Contact Information

For questions or concerns regarding the construction work or the construction schedule, please contact the contractor's public representative:
To be determined

If the contractor's public representative cannot resolve your issue, please contact the City of Spokane - Engineering Services at 509.625.6700 or engineeringadmin@spokanecity.org.

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