Completed Neighborhood Projects


  • Chief Garry Park Neighborhood - Chief Garry Park Neighborhood Action Plan
  • Greater Hillyard - For the purpose of neighborhood planning, Bemiss, Hillyard and Whitman neighborhoods of Northeast Spokane joined together as “Greater Hillyard”.
  • Logan Neighborhood - Situated close to the heart of Spokane, the Logan Neighborhood has developed as one of the oldest residential neighborhoods in the City.
  • Nevada Lidgerwood Neighborhood - This project identifies important issues and potential solutions for improving Nevada-Lidgerwood Neighborhood livability.


  • East Central - The East Central Neighborhood chose to work on a specific project with their Neighborhood Planning funds.
  • Lincoln Heights District Center - In the fall of 2013, the City of Spokane Planning and Development began to gather baseline information for a study of this project.
  • South Hill Coalition - In 2012, five South Hill neighborhoods pooled their City neighborhood planning dollars to develop a connectivity plan for all five neighborhoods.
  • Southgate Neighborhood - Create a neighborhood plan that promotes a sustainable environment, social equity, a viable economy, and reflects the values of the community.


  • Emerson-Garfield - In 2012, the Emerson-Garfield neighborhood began a planning process to develop a set of actions that address many neighborhood issues.
  • Five Mile Prairie - The Five Mile Prairie Neighborhood Planning Stakeholders hired Studio Cascade in June of 2010 to complete a Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan.
  • North Hill - In 2014, the North Hill neighborhood began a planning process to identify and prioritize goals into an action plan.
  • Northwest and Audubon-Downriver Neighborhood Planning - In 2017 the City initiated the process for the Northwest and Audubon-Downriver neighborhoods in coordination with the Neighborhood Council.
  • West Central - The West Central Neighborhood Planning Group has completed their most recent neighborhood planning work.
  • West Plains Annexation Zoning and Land Use Designations - Comprehensive Plan land use designations and zoning for the proposed West Plains Annexation area have been adopted.
  • West Plains Subarea Planning - The City won a grant from the Dept. of Commerce to lead subarea planning efforts in the West Plains with an emphasis on capital facilities needs.