2024 Paving Unpaved Streets

Project Number: 2024049

Status: Pre-Construction

Construction Start Date: June 1, 2024

Estimated Completion Date: August 2024

Contract Award Date:

Construction Estimate: $600,000


Project Description

The 2024 Paving Unpaved Streets project will pave the following sections of previously unpaved roadway:

  • Indiana Avenue from Altamont Street to Cook Street
  • Smith Street from Sharp Avenue to Sinto Avenue
  • Cuba Street from 40th Avenue to 38th Avenue
  • Everett Place from Driscoll Boulevard to Greenwood Boulevard
  • Warren Street from Queen Avenue to Alameda Boulevard

Project Highlights

The project encompasses a range of infrastructure improvements, including:

  • Sawcutting approximately 1,800 linear foot inch of flexible pavement and 410 linear foot inch of rigid pavement.
  • Excavating and embanking 1,300 cubic yards.
  • Preparing 9,100 square yards of untreated roadway.
  • Removing 21 trees.
  • Applying 7,250 square yards of HMA CL ½ in. medium traffic pavement, 3 inches thick.
  • Treating 7,250 square yards with soil residual herbicide.
  • Adding 430 square yards of topsoil.
  • Installing 375 square yards of sod.
  • Building 155 linear feet of curb.
  • Constructing 135 square feet of sidewalk.
  • Implementing project traffic control.
  • Making sundry utility adjustments.
  • Execution of other related miscellaneous items.

These improvements aim to enhance the overall infrastructure, ensuring better road quality, safety, and environmental management in the area.

Note to Residents

If you have special access requirements for your property (such as business, medical, or disability), or general questions about this project, please contact the Construction Relations Manager or Contractor Public Representative. Additionally, if your property is in the city-owned path of construction and will be disturbed, you will receive a separate letter with more details prior to construction.

For everyone’s safety, please obey all traffic signs and check for traffic updates throughout the project.

Construction Zone Details

  • Planned Detours: Yes – as needed throughout construction
  • Planned Lane Restrictions: Yes – as needed throughout construction
  • Planned Road Closures: Yes – as needed throughout construction
  • Planned Utility Work: Yes
  • Pavement Cut Moratorium in Effect: Yes

Contact Information

For questions or concerns regarding the construction work or the construction schedule, please contact the contractor’s public representative.

City Construction Relations Manager
Aaron Watts

City Project Manager - Design Phase
Joel Graff

City Project Manager - Construction Phase
Mark Melnick

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