Avista Gas Pipeline Addition Wetland Conditional Use Permit

Application/Permit Number: Z21-307CUP2


Avista Utilities, Todd McLaughlin
PO Box 3727 MSC-21
Spokane, WA

Property Owner

Granite Investments, LLC
12906 N Addison St
Spokane, WA 99218


Airport Board City of Spokane/Spokane County
9000 W Airport Dr, Ste 204
Spokane, WA 99224


Parcels: 25305.9043, 25305.9047, 25286.9001. The proposal is located within the existing gas trench line in the West Plains. Starting at the western edge of the municipal boundary in the West Plains at Hazelwood Rd, running 2.3 miles to the east at Spotted Rd.

Description of Project

Avista Utilities proposes to install a new 12” High Pressure Natural Gas Pipeline within the existing utility corridor that runs through the West Plains to reinforce expanding service in the area. The corridor currently contains an 8” gas line, which will remain in the corridor as well. Installation will be open trench for the majority of the corridor, with bores in five locations. The pipeline runs much further than the above-described route, but the remainder sits outside the City limits. The SEPA Checklist encompasses the entirety of the line, not just the portion within the City of Spokane limits.

There is one wetland delineated along the existing route, so temporary work will occur within the wetland buffer, but in an area that has already been disturbed – an abandoned roadbed. The new pipeline in the wetland buffer is what triggers this Conditional Use Permit process. A Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan will be developed and implemented during construction to reduce the likely discharge of sediment into the wetland. Full construction plans are available upon request.

Notice of Application

Any person may submit written comments on the proposal or call for additional information. Comments from the public are due by January 12, 2022 by 5PM

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Contact Information

Written comments should be sent via mail or email:

Planning and Development Services
Ali Brast
Assistant Planner
808 W. Spokane Falls Blvd.
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