Cochran Basin Stormwater Pipe – from TJ Meenach to Downriver Golf Course

Project Number: 2021067

Status: Construction

Construction Estimate: $3,000,000

Project Description: Installation of a pipe to connect stormwater piping originating at approximately the intersection of T.J. Meenach Drive and Northwest Boulevard heading west along Cleveland Avenue to the Downriver Golf Course where it connects to the pipe being installed as part of the Cochran Basin Stormwater Pipe through Downriver Golf Course project (#2018060). This project is funded with state and local funds.

For more information about the Cochran/Downriver Stormwater Management Facilities projects, please visit our webpage.

Project Location(s) and Schedule

  • West Cleveland Avenue from West Northwest Boulevard to West Riverview Drive at West Euclid Avenue

Schedule is being finalized. Crews will be in the area during the scheduled time frame. All schedules are approximate and dependent on weather and unforeseen delays.

Once the contract has been awarded, contractors will be responsible for setting and maintaining the schedule for the work to be done. If you have questions regarding the construction schedule or the work being done, please contact the contractor's public representative.

Contractors are required to provide two business day's notice to a homeowner/business if the homeowner/business owner's property will be directly impacted by the work. This includes access issues.

Construction Phasing: Installing the new stormwater pipe will require full pavement removal. To complete the work in the fastest manner possible, the work will occur in the following phases (this information will be updated as we receive specific details from the contractor):

  • To limit the impact to the neighborhood, the project will be completed in two phases:
    • Phase I - Riverview to C Street (May 31 – July 31)
    • Phase II - C Street to TJ Meenach (August 1 – September 30)
    Phase I will be fully completed, including paved, before work begins on Phase II.
  • For the duration of the project, access will be maintained as Local Access Only.
  • The contractor will provide dust control.
  • The City Solid Waste department will maintain trash and recycling pickup. If they cannot drive the route, they will send workers in on foot to collect the bins.
  • Water service will be maintained.
  • The contractor will maintain homeowner access at all times, but note that if trench work, pipe laying, cement work, or paving is occurring directly in front of your property, there may be a window of time (from a few hours to a day) where you may not be able to access your driveway. The contractor must provide 48 hour’s notice for any pending access issues. The contractor will work with homeowners to address access issues or delays.
  • The contractor will work in a linear manner, from one end of the project to the other, trenching and laying pipe. This means that work will move (tentatively determined at this point) from west to east. Hence, there may be periods of time when no work is occurring on your block.

Construction Zone Details

  • Planned Detours: Yes
  • Planned Lane Restrictions: Yes: as needed throughout project
  • Planned Road Closures: Yes: Cleveland to Riverview and Riverview to Euclid open to local traffic only
  • Planned Utility Work: Yes: water service upgrades as needed – completed prior to project
  • Pavement Cut Moratorium In Effect: Yes

Note: the contractor will do its best to minimize impacts on the public, but unforeseen circumstances may result in the need to temporarily revise traffic restrictions. For everyone's safety, please obey all traffic signs.

Expected Construction Start Date: May 31, 2022

Expected Construction Completed Date: September 9, 2022

Contract Award Date: September 27, 2021

Contractor: DW Excavating, Inc.

City Project Manager - Construction Phase: Kelly Heitstuman, 509.625.7759,

City Project Manager - Design Phase: Rich Proszek, 509.625.6700,

Project Presentation

Contact Information

For questions or concerns regarding the construction work or the construction schedule, please contact the contractor's public representative:
Cortney Wilson
DW Excavating Public Liaison

If the contractor's public representative cannot resolve your issue, please contact the City of Spokane - Engineering Services at 509.625.6700 or

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