Ernst Preliminary Short Plat

Application/Permit Number: Z18-704PSP


213 S Chestnut, Parcel Number: 25241.2025


Asher Ernst


This is a 2-lot short plat (2 lots with a common tract) to subdivide existing development. In 2017, the applicant built an apartment building with two townhouses on either side. One of those townhouses is already on a separate parcel at 201 S Chestnut, with separate utilities and shared access 213 S Chestnut. The applicant is proposing to subdivide the existing development to have the two additional structures (the remaining townhouse and the apartment building) on their own lots with shared access and utilities through the identified tract. No additional improvements are proposed.


The Planning Director issued a Letter of Approval with conditions on September 10, 2018. The date of the last day to appeal is the 24th of September =, 2018 at 5PM. The appeal fee of $250 must be paid in full at the time an appeal is made. An appeal shall take the form of a written statement of the alleged reason(s) the decision was in error.

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