Fish Lake Trail Connection Study

Fish Lake Trail Connection

Advancements are under way to connect the Fish Lake Trail to the Centennial Trail. Multi-use trails serve as the backbone for bicycle and pedestrian transportation networks. These facilities provide safe and comfortable opportunities for commuting, recreation, and neighborhood connections. Connecting the Fish Lake Trail to the Centennial Trail with a paved trail separated from the roadways will allow better route finding, and give surrounding neighborhoods a low-stress travel option.

The Fish Lake Trail was greatly enhanced in 2010 with the construction of a trailhead in the West Hills neighborhood and the paving of the trail from the trailhead near the intersection of Government Way and Sunset Blvd south to prior-paved segments. While that was a major step forward for the trail there remain two major gaps: bridging over the railroads near Fish Lake, and a connection to the Centennial Trail. This project will conduct a feasibility study, and an alternatives evaluation to determine the most appropriate route to address the latter.

There are also important connections to be made between the trail and the surrounding communities. This effort will explore opportunities to better connect the Fish Lake Trail to Thorpe Road, thus providing ready access to the trail for residents of the Grandview/Thorpe neighborhood.

The study will include a technical evaluation of potential routes and outreach to stakeholders and Spokane citizens to incorporate user perspectives into the trail development process. The technical evaluation will assess the opportunities and constraints of the physical terrain, aquatic resources, park features, and roadways, and will help determine what is possible within the permitted uses along optional routes. Data, collected through the technical evaluation, will be used to create route alternatives, which will be shared through this project page, and presented through online web-meetings during the summer and fall of 2020.

The first public web-meeting is scheduled for July 28th. Information on how to join that meeting will be advertised and posted on this page prior to the meeting. Please plan to participate in this transforming concept-development process!

These meetings will be informative and will provide a means to connect with the study team. The team will be providing other methods to connect and provide opinions about the trail alternatives. If you want to stay connected to this study, please feel free to contact us using the Contact Info provided on this page to indicate your interest in the project.

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