Five Mile Prairie

The Five Mile Prairie Neighborhood Planning Stakeholders hired Studio Cascade in June of 2010 to complete a Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan. The first step was the completion of a walkability audit for the city side of the neighborhood. A walkability audit was completed on August 14, 2010 with nearly 30 citizens volunteering to walk around and collect data.

Following the walkability audit, Studio Cascade worked with the Five Mile Stakeholders and city staff to produce the Five Mile Neighborhood Plan for Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements (PDF 3.9 MB). The neighborhood planning effort was recognized by a City Council resolution (PDF 121 KB) on January 30, 2012. Note that the plan is conceptual and additional analysis is required prior to moving forward with adoption and implementation.

Contact Information

Tirrell Black
Planner, Neighborhood & Planning Services
City of Spokane