Hogan Pocket Development Final Short Plat

Application/Permit Number: Z20-244FSP


4511 S Hogan St, Spokane WA – Parcels 34042.1204; 34042.0008; and, 34042.0007.


Dan Garabedian


The Application is proposing a final the Hogan Pocket Development PSP (Z20-129PSP) project to reconfigure three parcels totaling 36,879.37 sq. ft. into two legal building lots for the purpose of retaining an existing home and building one new unit. The existing home currently sits on two of the three parcels. This proposal would allow for the development of the third, currently landlocked parcel, to be developed under the City's Pocket Residential Code.

Request for Agency and Department Comments

Department that sign the final plat are reviewing the final plat documents. There is no public comment period on a final short plat.

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