Holland Ave Preliminary Short Plat

Application/Permit Number: Z18-433PSP


608 E Holland; Parcel Number: 36021.0090


DCI Engineers


The applicant is proposing to divide an existing parcel with an existing office building and warehouse into two lots, to separate the buildings. The northern lot will contain the office building and the southern lot will contain the warehouse. The existing buildings share service for water and sewer; they intend to maintain the shared sewer through a shared-use agreement. Similarly, the existing stormwater from the south half of the site flows to a swale near the center of the site. An agreement is intended to make this a share-use swale. The water service for the southern building comes directly from the northern building. Upon segregation, the existing service will be abandoned and a new water service will be constructed for the southern building from the existing water main in Dakota St.

Request for Agency and Department Comments

The site plan and application materials have been routed for agency and department review. Comments from agencies are due by May 14th, 2018 by 5:00PM

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