Latah Glen Residential Community Manufactured Home Park/PUD

Application/Permit Number: Z20-184PPUD


William Sinclair – Storhaug Engineering
510 E. 3rd Avenue
Spokane, WA 99202


Sycamore Group, LLC – William Nascimento
9850 Research Dr.
Irvine, CA 99224


Estate of Bettie R Simmons
3504 S Inland Empire Way
Spokane, WA 99224


1925 W 36TH, parcels; 25364.0001 (Note: land addressed as 3504 S Inland Empire Way, parcel 25361.0004 has been removed from this application).

Description of Project

Latah Glen Residential Community Manufactured Home Park and PUD

The applicant is proposing is a 39.44 acre Manufactured Home Park and PUD residential community of 157 leased spaces, community clubhouse, laundry, and interconnected pedestrian system with open space.

Notice of Application and Public Hearing

Any person may submit written comments on the proposal, call for additional information or participate in the hearing. Comments from the public related the application and any environmental issues associated with it are due by June 8, 2022 by 5 p.m.

There will be a public hearing on this proposal before the City of Spokane Hearing Examiner on Wednesday, June 29th, 2022, at 9:00 am. The hearing will be held in person at the designated time in the Council Chambers, Lower Level of City Hall, 808 W. Spokane Falls Boulevard, Spokane, WA. Any person may submit written comments on the proposal and/or appear at the public hearing.

SEPA Review

This proposal will be reviewed under the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA). It is anticipated that the proposal will include mitigation measures under applicable codes. Please note that this may be the only opportunity to comment on the environmental impacts of the project. The lead agency is using the optional DNS process for this project as outlined in WAC 197-11-355. The SEPA comment deadline is June 8, 2022. The environmental Checklist is linked below – see Application Materials, Amended Environmental Checklist – updated November 30, 2021. Written comments should be mailed, delivered or emailed to Melissa Owen. Contact Information is listed on this page and the in the linked Notice of Application information above.

The following were identified as SEPA mitigation during the agency review process.

  1. Per the traffic analysis, vehicular traffic from this project is expected to add 13 AM trips and 5 PM trips to the NB US 195 to EB I-90 ramp. WSDOT has commented that no additional peak hour trips may be added to the ramp due to safety concerns. Latah Glen is required to complete an improvement to the US 195 corridor that will reduce the impact of its traffic on NB US 195 to EB I-90 ramp (“Mitigation Project(s)”). Latah Glen may not receive final plan approval until a financial commitment is in place (secured by a letter of credit or bond), which has been approved by the City, providing for the design and construction for the Mitigation Project(s), which shall be under contract for construction within one year from the final plan approval. The details of the mitigation project(s) will be agreed upon by the developers, City, and WSDOT. The applicant’s contributions to funding the design and construction of the mitigation project will qualify for a credit against transportation impact fees per SMC 17D.075.070.
  2. The applicant shall improve Inland Empire Way from the proposed site access to US 195.  This improvement shall consist of paving the roadway, providing a separated sidewalk, drainage facilities, signage, etc. in a manner consistent with City of Spokane standards, application conditions of approval, and the Storhaug Engineering plans for this section of roadway.

The applicant shall update the traffic analysis prior to the approval of the plans that would allow the occupancy of the 100th residential unit.  This updated traffic analysis shall evaluate the need for a right turn lane at the intersection of US 195 and Inland Empire Way in the southbound direction.  If this right turn lane is deemed necessary, the applicant shall enter into a WSDOT development agreement for the design and construction of this right turn lane with the approval of the 100th residential unit.  As part of the development agreement the applicant can bond for the construction of the turn lane in the next construction season.

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Contact Information

Written comments should be sent via mail or email:

Planning and Development Services
Melissa Owen
Assistant Planner
808 W. Spokane Falls Blvd.
Spokane, WA 99201-3329