Latah Substation Relocation Conditional Use Permit

Application/Permit Number: Z20-035CUP3


3400 S Inland Empire Way, Parcel # 25361.0015


Avista, Todd McLaughlin

Property Owner



The applicant is proposing to relocate an existing substation on the same parcel, south of the existing station. This will require realigning transmission, distribution, and communication lines. All work is staying outside the Shoreline Jurisdiction. Avista plans to remove only the trees that are necessary for the substation relocation and to comply with overhead electrical vegetation clearance requirements. Plantings for screening purposes will be established around the new fence to be installed around the substation.


A virtual hearing was held on June 4th at 9AM. The decision was issued on June 30th, 2020 by the Hearing Examiner. The date of the last day to appeal is July 21st, 2020.

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