Nevada Lidgerwood Neighborhood

In 2009-2010 neighborhood residents and businesses completed Phase I of their work to identify important issues and potential solutions for improving Nevada-Lidgerwood Neighborhood livability. As a result of this work, four issues were identified for further study and solution identification. The four issues identified were Neighborhood Communication (PDF 188 KB), Neighborhood Identity (PDF 1 MB), Non-Motorized Travel Safety (PDF 1.1 MB), and Traffic Patterns, Volume and Speed (PDF 915 KB). These were investigated by the Nevada Lidgerwood Stakeholder Planning Group in Phase 2 of the neighborhood planning effort. This work was completed in late 2011. Strategies for working on each of these areas were developed by the Stakeholder Group and EWU Urban & Regional Planning Students. The effort was recognized by a City Council resolution (PDF 123 KB) on January 30, 2012.

Contact Information

Tirrell Black
Planner, Neighborhood & Planning Services
City of Spokane