North Foothills Center CC3 Zoning Overlay

What's Happening Now

On May 11, 2020, Spokane City Council passed Resolution 2020-0029 which directed staff to conduct an abbreviated planning process to consider adding a zoning overlay in the North Foothills area. This is in the vicinity of North Foothills and Hamilton Street near Gonzaga Prep.

The proposal to add this zoning overlay is currently out for Agency Comment and Review (June 9 to June 23, 2020). Following this, a combined Notice of Public Hearing and Notice of SEPA Determination is anticipated. A Non-Project SEPA DNS (Determination of Non-Significance) is expected to be issued June 22, 2020.

Other anticipated important dates: A Plan Commission Workshop on July 22, 2020 and a Plan Commission Hearing on August 12, 2020. The City Council will also hold a hearing on this item. The Hearing date is not yet set.

Mailed notice will be sent to property owners within 400-feet of the proposed overlay. Please email for information or to be added to the notification list.

Project Description

The City has received requests from two groups—Catholic Charities of Eastern Washington and Spokane Schools - both of whom own or are in the process of negotiating purchase for properties in the North Foothills Area—to consider expanding the CC-3 Overlay Zone. Property located in a CC3 Overlay Zone may "opt-in" and use the CC1 or CC2 standards (see Spokane Municipal Code 17C.122.020 for a list of allowed uses and development standards)

The North Foothills area (centered at the intersection of North Foothills & Hamilton Streets) is an area designated on the Land Use Plan Map as an Employment Center. Much of the area is zoned CC1-EC (Centers and Corridors, Type 1, Employment Center). Both groups aggregating properties are finding the properties are in a mix of zoning categories: primarily a mix of CC1-EC and LI (Light Industrial). This makes site design and use considerations problematic.

Applying a CC3 overlay would allow a unified development approach. Properties to the southwest of the CC1 center already have a planning overlay zone which allows property in a different zoning category, such as Light Industrial, to use the standards of the CC1 zone for development. If the CC3overlay was expanded to the north and to a portion northeast of the existing CC1 zoning, both proposed projects could develop to the CC1 Standards.

Spokane City Council passed a resolution in early May 2020 directing City staff to undertake an abbreviated subarea planning process to review this change. Following agency comment, SEPA determination, and the Plan Commission Hearing, final approval will be needed from City Council.


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