North Hill

North Hill Neighborhood Action Plan

After three stakeholder meetings and key communications with staff to finalize the plan, the North Hill neighborhood focused its efforts on four main goals: (1) Connectivity, (2) Safety, (3) Livability and (4) Vibrant Community.

The North Hill plan highlights a Garland District Plan Coordination, Crime Reduction and Public Safety, Improving Public Spaces, Traffic Calming and Connectivity and South Bluff Preservation.

North Hill began its planning process in April of 2014 with an orientation meeting. This meeting was followed by a June 12, 2014 kickoff workshop where the stakeholders assessed their assets, brainstormed their issues and opportunities, and shared visioning ideas and goals.

In September 2014 the neighborhood met with planners and city staff to discuss goals and objectives and determine potential strategies and actions.

And finally, in December 2014, stakeholders met to review a draft plan and prioritize projects. Meetings continued in April and May of 2015 to meet with City staff and finalize the planning document.

Now the adoption process beings with a presentation at the Plan Commission on June 24, and on July 13, an overview will be given to the City Council at their briefing and then a formal presentation to the City Council later that same day.

View North Hill Neighborhood Action Plan (PDF 4.4 MB)

Contact Information

Tirrell Black
Planner, Neighborhood & Planning Services
City of Spokane