Phillips Final Short Plat

Application/Permit Number: Z18-711FSP


6618 N. Crestline St


Lori Phillips


The applicant is proposing to final a 3-lot short plat (preliminary plat number Z18-347PSP). The applicant also owns the two lots to the north, for which a Boundary Line Adjustment is being processed to reorient them so they also front on Crestline.

The applicant will be extending the water main in Bruce (submittal forthcoming) and will tap into the northernmost lot on Crestline with 5 water taps, which will run in an easement along the east side of all 5 lots. This proposed easement will also provide access to the back of all 5 lots. A sewer variance has been accepted to allow for the two existing sewer service stubs to be used to serve the five lots (two lots on the northern stub and three on the southern). A maintenance and access agreement that includes sewer, water, the driveway, as well as stormwater facilities for the driveway is required.

Final Plat Review

Departments that sign a final plat are reviewing the final plat documents. There is no public comment period on a final plat.

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