Post Street Bridge Replacement

Construction on a project to replace the Post Street Bridge is set to begin this spring and continue until at least the end of 2021. Design work is complete, and the construction bids are being sought for the project.

The project is designed to keep the bridge's concrete arches and retain its historic look. When complete, the bridge will have one northbound lane for vehicle traffic as well as pedestrian and bicycle routes. It will also support the Centennial Trail. The bridge also will continue to support a major wastewater interceptor line.

Work is slated to begin first in Post Street, just south of the bridge, with crews expecting to start in late April with the replacement of a water main. Demolition of the bridge itself is expected to begin in early May. At that point, the bridge will be closed to pedestrian and bicycle traffic.

As a result, the bridge project will interrupt pedestrian and bicycle travel. To reach downtown from the north bank of the river, pedestrians and bicyclists will need to travel across the Monroe Street Bridge or the Howard Street Promenade in Riverfront Park. Parking in Riverfront Park lots on Post Street and at the northwest corner of Summit Boulevard and Lincoln Street also will be impacted by the bridge construction and additional construction in Riverfront.

The below map shows the construction areas in Riverfront and for the Post Street Bridge and provides information on pedestrian and bicycle routes through the area.

Access Map

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The 333-foot-long Post Street Bridge was built in 1917, spanning the Spokane River between its two sets of magnificent falls. The bridge is a reinforced concrete open spandrel deck arch bridge. After more than 100 years of use, the bridge is in need of replacement.

In May 2019, the Post Street Bridge was closed to all vehicular traffic, following a structural analysis that determined the bridge could not safely continue to carry those loads. Since that time, the bridge has been used exclusively by bicyclists and pedestrians.

Construction Information

Project Number: 2017105

Construction Estimate: $18,519,557

Project Location: Post Street Bridge

Description: Replace the Post Street Bridge and associated utilities.

Status: Construction

Contractor: Max J. Kuney Company

Project Manager - Design: Mark Serbousek, 509.625.6700,

Project Manager - Construction: Mike Zangara, 509.625.7722

Construction Start Date: 07/20/2020

Substantially Completed Date: Winter 2022 (estimated)

Award Date: April 27, 2020

Pre-Bid Prime Contractor Attendee List (PDF 72 KB)

To reduce pavement degradation, the City of Spokane's Pavement Cut Policy is in effect for all street-related projects.

Contact Information

Karin Janssen
Construction Relations Manager

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