QueenB/South Regal - Comprehensive Plan Amendment

Application/Permit Number: Z1500085COMP

Proposal Description

This project is a 2015/2016 Proposed Comprehensive Plan Land Use Amendment.

Stanley M. Schwartz on behalf of QueenB Radio has requested a Comprehensive Plan Land Use Amendment and associated Zone Change for one property in the Southgate neighborhood, located in the vicinity of the intersection of S Regal Street and the Palouse Highway. The property is currently owned by the City of Spokane but QueenB Radio is in the process of purchasing the property from the City. The property is located at 2651 E 49th Avenue, Parcel 34041.0038. The property is currently vacant except for a driveway that serves the adjacent Southside Sports Complex.

The proposal would change the Land Use Plan Map Designation from Open Space to Centers and Corridors Core with an associated Zone change from Residential Single Family (RSF) to Centers and Corridor Type 2, District Center (CC2-DC). For more information, please see the documents below.

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