River View Lofts Shoreline Conditional Use Permit

Application/Permit Number: Z1500101SCUP


The subject properties to be used in this proposal are parcel numbers 35093.2821, 2809, .2810, .2811, .2816 and .2817, addressed as 1601 E. Mission Ave.


Riverton, LLC


The applicant is proposing to construct an 80 unit apartment complex with club house, utilities, parking and landscaping. Within the Shoreline Master Program, this is classified as Multi-Family Residential (4 or more dwelling units), which, in the Shoreline Residential Environment of the shoreline jurisdiction, requires a shoreline conditional use permit.

Hearing Examiner's Decision

A public hearing on this proposal before the City of Spokane Hearing Examiner was held on Thursday May 12, 2016 at 10:30 a.m.

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