Riverside Grind and Overlay (Division to Wall)

Project Number: 2016120

Status: Construction

Construction Estimate: $4,730,394.10

Project Description: Pavement grind and overlay and reconfiguration of traffic lanes on Riverside from Division to Wall to accommodate new bicycle lanes. Vehicle lanes will be reduced from four to three to accommodate the new bike lanes. Lane re-striping from Wall to Monroe to continue the new traffic reconfiguration. Replacement of main waterline, including service replacements as needed.

This project will not remove existing sidewalks. ADA ramps will be installed as needed. Pedestrian traffic on Riverside will be maintained as much as possible during construction. Temporary, short-term sidewalk closures may be necessary to facilitate construction work.

The scope of this construction project includes the newly installed Spokane Transit Authority bus stop facilities. For more information on STA's new City Line, including construction information, visit their website. For more information on STA's future plans, visit STA Moving Forward.

Project Location(s) and Schedule
Street resurfacing on West Riverside Avenue from North Division Street to North Wall Street. Street re-striping on West Riverside Avenue from North Wall Street to North Monroe Street. Schedule to be determined once contractor is selected. Project is scheduled to be bid in February of 2022 with construction beginning in the spring of 2022.

Construction Zone Details

  • Planned Detours: Yes - official detour route to be determined.
  • Planned Lane Restrictions: Yes: as needed throughout the project.
  • Planned Road Closures: Yes: to expedite work and shorten the project duration, Riverside will be fully closed to vehicular traffic in two-block phases, starting at Division and working west, during construction.
  • Planned Utility Work: Yes - Replacement of main waterline, including service replacements as needed; limited replacement of storm inlets and storm laterals as a result of ADA ramp replacements.
  • Pavement Cut Policy In Effect: Yes

This project is expected to take six months to complete. Note, the contractor will be required to work in two-block phases, starting at Division and working west. Within each phase, that section of road will be closed, and the contractor will allow local access only as needed. Once a phase is complete (pipe laid and the gravel road base prepped), the contractor will determine if traffic can be cleared on that section. They won’t fully pave until the entire road is ready (for cost and time reasons), but if they can help ease traffic congestion, they will.

Note: the contractor will do its best to minimize impacts on the public, but unforeseen circumstances may result in the need to temporarily revise traffic restrictions. For everyone's safety, please obey all traffic signs.

Expected Construction Start Date: April 2023

Expected Construction Completed Date: May 2023

Contract Award Date: April 11, 2022

Contractor: DW Excavating

City Project Manager - Construction Phase: John Hogberg, 509.625.7722, jhogberg@spokanecity.org

City Project Manager - Design Phase: Rich Proszek, 509.625.6700, rproszek@spokanecity.org

Project Presentation Slides

Public Meeting Video Recordings

View February 3, 2022 Public Meeting Recordings

Construction Updates

If you would like to sign up for weekly project updates, please email Cortney Wilson at cortney@dwexcavating.net.

Contact Information

For questions or concerns regarding the construction work or the construction schedule, please contact the contractor's public representative:
Cortney Wilson
Public Representative
DW Excavating

If the contractor's public representative cannot resolve your issue, please contact the City of Spokane - Engineering Services at 509.625.6700 or engineeringadmin@spokanecity.org.

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