Southgate Area Development

In 2005 Black Properties and KXLY submitted applications for Comprehensive Plan Map Amendments for their respective properties at the Palouse/Regal intersection. In 2006 Home Depot assembled +/-15 acres near the same intersection and likewise made application for a Comprehensive Plan Map Amendment. The three applications made their way through the yearly Amendment process. The three applications were eventually combined into a single process and the City Council took up the matter in 2008. The Council approved the three Comprehensive Plan Map Amendment applications and entered into detailed Development Agreements in 2009 with each of the three Applicants. The agreements attempted to balance City-wide and Neighborhood planning principles, Comprehensive Plan goals and policies, traffic and infrastructure concerns, neighborhood concerns, and the applicants' desires to develop their properties. The properties were required to complete an Integrated Site Plan that incorporated all three sites into a larger big picture in the neighborhood, key elements were defined in the Development Agreements, and it was required to be reviewed with the Neighborhood through the Design Review Board.

Currently the Black Property is beginning to develop, with Target as the main anchor and additional tenants in the building fronting on Regal Street and Palouse Highway. It is anticipated that the KXLY Properties will begin the planning phase soon.

Project Documents