Southgate Neighborhood

In fall of 2008, workshops were organized by the Southgate Stakeholders Planning Committee (SSPC) in conjunction with Eastern Washington University's Advanced Community Development Class. These workshops documented the values and vision of the neighborhood. The SSPC created a mission statement based on the discussion at the workshops. The Mission of the SSPC is to “create a neighborhood plan that promotes a sustainable environment, social equity, a viable economy, and reflects the values and vision of the Southgate Community."

The top two issues to emerge from the workshop were “maintain and create connected trails, sidewalks, bike paths” and “improvement and protection of quality open space.”

The SPCC began working in January of 2009 to complete work directly addressing those two issues. The SSPC worked in conjunction with EWU and City Planning Staff to complete a DRAFT of the Southgate Parks and Open Space Element (PDF 9.58 MB). On behalf of the SSPC, the City of Spokane hired AHBL, Inc. to complete a Transportation and Connectivity Plan (PDF 6.72 MB) and maps (PDF 9.74 MB). The neighborhood planning effort was recognized by a City Council resolution (PDF 285 KB) on January 30, 2012. Note that the plan is conceptual and additional analysis is required prior to moving forward with adoption and implementation.

Contact Information

Tirrell Black
Planner, Neighborhood & Planning Services
City of Spokane