TDS Construction within the City of Spokane

TDS has begun construction on a fiber-to-the-home network for homes and businesses across Spokane, Washington. TDS will offer residential customers up to one gigabit internet speeds, TDS' all-digital TV service, TDS TV®+, and phone options. Businesses will have the option to receive up to 10 gigabit connections, dedicated fiber, and TDS' hosted VoIP business phone solution, managedIP.

TDS introduction will allow for additional competition for these services in our City, resulting in choice and improved price for citizens.

Citizens are beginning to see work in their neighborhoods as part of this construction project. The construction has been permitted for the public right of way and the additional utility easement that exists in front of many homes in the City.

TDS is constructing their network utilizing TDS crews and subcontractors. The contractors are working to minimize impacts to homeowners. The fiber is installed by creating entry points and then pulling the fiber underground between those points.

The City requires the contractors to contact property owners as they proceed with construction. They are going door-to-door to talk to citizens and providing written information to property owners.

TDS has already started constructing.

Residents can stay informed and follow the fiber build at The website provides detailed information related to the project and completion estimates by neighborhood and address. As construction progresses, date estimates improve. Residents can also view pricing and register for services directly from

TDS' goal is to eventually serve the entire City with their competitive services; their build-out schedule calls for reaching 70 percent of the City's residential units within 5 years. The company is actively designing and installing about 1,100 miles of aerial and underground fiber cable within the City.

Public Right of Way (ROW) & Dry Utility Easement:

Public right-of-way easement widths vary in size and location. Additionally, for more than 20 years, the City of Spokane has required an additional 10 feet of property outside of the right-of-way to be dedicated as dry utility easements when new neighborhoods are platted/established. See the below example.

Utitliy Easement Example

TDS has been designing their buildout to be mostly within the right-of-way and utility easements. Often property owners aren't aware of location of the actual property line. In many cases, property owners take care of a portion of the right-of-way or utility easement as part of their yard.

Residents and businesses that would like to learn more about TDS' construction can visit for the latest updates on the project.


With 1.2 million connections to high-speed internet, phone, and TV, TDS has been in business for more than 50 years. TDS is new to Spokane, but not the area. In August of 2019, TDS began been building a 700-mile fiber-optic network in North Idaho as well. Serving Coeur d’Alene, Hayden, Hayden Lake, Post Falls and Rathdrum, the first customers were launched last year.

In February 2020, the City Council approved a Cable Television Franchise with TDS that allows the company to use the public right of way and provide services within the City of Spokane.

The City traditionally has had only one cable television provider. The City's leaders had been interested in attracting competition for these services to provide citizens with choice and potentially better pricing for cable television and related high-speed internet services.

The City is working to ensure that we have modern systems capable of serving the future needs and interests of our citizens and businesses. The City wants to ensure the availability of community programming, maintain our public right of way and provide broad access to services.

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TDS Construction Hotline: 1-855-259-8576

TDS Sales and Service: 1-800-737-4172