U-Haul Rezone and Conditional Use Permit

Application/Permit Number: Z20-180CUP3


Land Use Solutions and Entitlement c/o Dwight Hume agent


4110 E Sprague Avenue (Parcel 35221.0211)

Description of Project

Rezone and Conditional Use Permit Application (Type III)

The applicant is proposing a Rezone of the above parcel from CB-55 to GC-55 and a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) for mini-storage (internal mini-storage in former K-Mart) on property in excess of 7 acres at 4110 E. Sprague Avenue (parcel 35221.0211; total of 10.39 acres).


The Hearing Examiner Issued a Decision of Approval with conditions on April 2, 2021.

Appeals of decisions by the Hearing Examiner are governed by Spokane Municipal Code 17G.060.210 and 17G.050.

Decisions by the Hearing Examiner regarding rezones and conditional use permits are final. They may be appealed by any party of record by filing a Land Use Petition with the Superior Court of Spokane County. THE LAND USE PETITION MUST BE FILED AND THE CITY OF SPOKANE MUST BE SERVED WITHIN TWENTY-ONE (21) CALENDAR DAYS OF THE DATE OF THE ISSUANCE OF THE DECISION. Pursuant to RCW 36.70C.040(4)(a), the date of the issuance of the decision is three days after a written decision is mailed by the local jurisdiction. This decision was mailed on April 5, 2021. THEREFORE, THE DATE OF THE LAST DAY TO APPEAL IS APRIL 29, 2021, AT 5:00 P.M.

In addition to paying any Court costs to appeal the decision, the ordinance requires payment of a transcript fee to the City of Spokane to cover the costs of preparing a verbatim transcript and otherwise preparing a full record for the Court.

Pursuant to RCW 36.70B.130, affected property owners may request a change in valuation for property tax purposes notwithstanding any program of revaluation.

SEPA Review

The comment period for this SEPA ended on February 19, 2021. A Determination of Non-significance (DNS) was issued on February 26, 2021 under the optional DNS process in section 197-11-355 WAC. There is no further comment period on this environmental checklist. Appeal of this DNS must be received within 14 calendar days after the signing of this DNS. The SEPA DNS is available for review online. The environmental checklist is located under Application Materials below.

Design Review Board Documents

Application Materials

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