Vistas at Beacon Hill Final PUD Plat

Application/Permit Number: Z23-473FPLT


Ryan Buth for Nationwide Capital Investments, LLC. and Howard Capital Group, LLC.


Parcels 35022.0114, 35022.0115, 35022.0101 addressed as 4502 N Havana St., 4599 E Longfellow St., and 4522 E Longfellow Ave.

Description of Project

The application is proposing to finalize the Vistas at Beacon Hill Preliminary PUD/Plat ort Plat (Z2005-68-PP/PUD), a 35 lots long plat with PUD overlay (21.21 acres) for the purpose of building multi-family development (276 total units).

Request for Agency and Department Comments

Departments that sign the final plat are reviewing the final plat documents. There is no public comment period on a final short plat.

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