West Quadrant Tax Increment Finance District

A series of public infrastructure improvements in the West Quadrant Tax Increment Finance District will stimulate development in the area. Examples of public improvements include:

  • Street and Road Improvements (street furniture, signage, traffic signals, sidewalks, street trees, etc.)
  • Water System Improvements
  • Sewer System Improvements
  • Storm Water and Drainage Management System Improvements

What is a Tax Increment Finance District?

Tax Increment Financing (TIF) is a funding mechanism used by local governments to finance public infrastructure and help incentivize economic development and redevelopment of blighted neighborhoods. The establishment and use of TIF is authorized under State Law – RCW 39.89 “Community Revitalization Financing Act”. Individual TIF districts (such as the West Quadrant Tax Increment District) are created by ordinance of the local jurisdiction concurrently with other regular taxing districts.

About Us

Vision: To stimulate economic activity by investing in neighborhood improvements that activate private development and increase the fair market value of real property within the West Quadrant Increment Area.

Mission: Invest in public infrastructure efforts to create neighborhoods that attract new businesses and revitalize neighborhoods.

Guiding Principles:

  • Conduct public participation and outreach programs to implement neighborhood public investment and encourage private development
  • Strategically plan funding matches , project partners, and incentive programs
  • Implement neighborhood public investment to be consistent with Countywide Planning Policies, the City of Spokane Comprehensive Plan, and development regulation under the Growth Management Act


City of Spokane
Spokane Parks Department


Spokane County

As a major property owner and operator within the West Quadrant TIF district certain improvements to Spokane County owned properties (“County Public Improvements”) are funded in part through tax increment financing funds. Development projects are directed and constructed under the Intergovernmental Agreement between the City and the County.


The West Quadrant Tax Increment Financing Neighborhood Project Advisory Committee is a group meant to provide oversight and direction with respect to the financing, construction, and priority of neighborhood public improvements.

Authorized by and Date: Ordinance No. C-34032 on May 14, 2007

Mission Statement/Purpose: To assist the City of Spokane in prioritizing neighborhood public improvements in the neighborhood areas that surrounds Kendal Yards Development.


Kendall Yards is a planned community encompassing approximately 78 acres of land on the north bank of the Spokane River. The two areas of development include the mixed use area between Monroe and Maple Streets and the primarily residential area west of Maple Street. The Centennial Trail extends along the south boundary the entire length of the project.

Visit the Kendall Yards project page

Current Projects

West Central Projects

Streetscapes, Intersection, and Infrastructure Improvements

  • On Broadway Avenue: Ash to Chestnut (4 blocks)
  • Sinto Ave., 5 blocks Chestnut to Maple
  • Maple and Ash, Broadway to Nora, 4-6 blocks
Emerson Garfield and West Central

Intersection Improvements

  • Monroe Street corridor, Cora to Boone
Riverside Neighborhood – North Bank

Streetscape and Infrastructure Improvements

  • Monroe to Central, Broadway to Mallon, 4 to 6 blocks
  • Howard to Washington N., River Bank to Dean, 2 blocks
Riverside Neighborhood – Bridge Avenue

Infrastructure and Streetscape Improvements

  • On Bridge Avenue between Monroe to Post, 1 block
West Central and Riverside Neighborhood

Infrastructure and Streetscape Improvements

  • On Elm, Cannon, and Chestnut, 3 blocks Bridge to Dean
  • Crossover reconfiguration analysis and engineering Riverside
  • Post Street Bridge

Completed Projects

Centennial Trail Connection

A trail connection has been made under the Monroe Street Bridge for non-motorized vehicle and pedestrian use. The Centennial Trail is an ADA accessible and Class 1 trail separated from motorized traffic connecting key areas in the Spokane area.

Centenial Trail Connection - before and after


West Quadrant Tax Increment Financing District Map

Contact Information

Kevin Freibott
Assistant Planner II

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