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Yellowstone Pipeline

Application/Permit Number: Z16-048SCUP


The subject properties associated with this proposal are 35112.9078, 35112.9015, 35111.9024, 35111.9025, 35112.9076, 35112.9077, 35115.9074, 35111.9025, 35115.0202, 35112.0201, 35112.0202, 35112.9015, 35111.0186, 35111.0301, 35111.0004, 35115.0101, 35115.0102. The site is generally located near North Upriver Drive and Carnahan Road on the north side of the Spokane River, and the near North Waterworks Street 1,100 feet downstream of the Upriver Dam on the south side of the Spokane River.


Yellowstone Pipe Line Company, Attn: Mike Miller


The applicant is proposing to install 848 feet of new 10-inch steel petroleum products pipeline by horizontal directional drill 22 feet under the bed of the Spokane River. The new line will replace an existing pipeline of the same diameter but at a greater depth under the riverbed. The drill entry and exit points, and new block valves will be greater than 200 feet from the ordinary high water mark (OHWM) of the Spokane River. The existing block valves less than 200 feet from the OHWM will be removed. All disturbed areas will be graded smooth and revegitated. Within the Shoreline Master Program, this is classified as a new underwater utility crossing, which, in the Urban Conservancy Environment of the shoreline jurisdiction, requires a shoreline conditional use permit. This is a Type III process and there will be a Public Hearing in front of the City Hearing Examiner.

Decision Issued

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