Preventing Stormwater Pollution

During rain events, stormwater runoff flows down streets, along curbs, and over sidewalks picking up and carrying many things along the way. Ultimately, the runoff transports pollutants to the Spokane River and the Spokane Valley-Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer.

Typical stormwater pollutants include:

  • Litter and debris
  • Erodible soils
  • Pet waste
  • Lawn fertilizers and pesticides
  • Containers of paint/chemicals left out
  • Motor fluids such as fuels and oils that drip onto the ground

Here's How You Can Help – It's Easy!

  • Keep material containers away from stormwater runoff – inside a building, under a roof, or within concrete curbing.
  • Keep drips off the ground – perform regular maintenance on vehicles and equipment to keep motor fluids such as fuels and oils from leaking.
  • Pick up after your pets and throw it in the trash. Pet waste is not a fertilizer!
  • Limit the use of fertilizer and pesticides – only use as much as necessary, and avoid application near storm drains, or onto hard surfaces
  • Collect leaves and yard waste – so they don't collect on the sidewalk or road and end up in storm drains, and
  • Never dump anything into a storm drain – only rain down the drain!

Source Control – Every Little Bit Matters!

Eliminating negative impacts on local water resources is possible if pollutants are controlled at the source by practicing prevention. Every little bit and every drip that collects on the ground adds up and can reduce water quality. The Stormwater Pollution Prevention Guide provides additional information about protecting stormwater in order to keep pollution from damaging our water resources.

Local Business Plays a Part

Local businesses play an important role too. The City works with Spokane Regional Health District to prevent pollution by educating local businesses about the importance of keeping our stormwater free of hazardous chemicals they are storing and releasing. Learn more about the program in this video or visit their website.

See Something, Say Something

Anything other than stormwater that goes into a storm drain is an illicit discharge. If you see an illicit discharge report it at 509.625.7900

Contact Information

Wastewater Management
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