One Water Approach

Hydrologic Cycle

What is One Water? One Water is an holistic approach that advocates for recognizing the value of all water sources, urging collaboration within the water industry to address challenges spanning stormwater, residential, commercial, industrial, municipal, wastewater, and drinking water. This movement adopts a planning approach to manage limited water resources for long-term resilience, tailored to meet community and ecosystem needs. The definition of One Water varies based on community requirements, such as urban water management or integrating watershed and source water protection. The One Water approach involves diverse stakeholders, from municipalities to community organizers, aligning under the shared belief that water is a fundamental human right. The One Water Movement prioritizes water equity, ensuring everyone has access to clean water. It addresses disparities, particularly impacting low-income and communities of color.

Implemented at various scales, the US Water Alliance’s One Water for America Policy Framework outlines seven pillars:

  1. Regional collaboration,
  2. Agricultural partnerships,
  3. Funding for infrastructure,
  4. Public-private cooperation,
  5. Redefined affordability,
  6. Lead risk reduction,
  7. Technology adoption for efficiency.

Help do your part!

Join the One Water Movement today! Take a stand for the value of every drop by collaborating across industries to address water challenges. Advocate for equitable access to clean water for all, supporting initiatives that bridge gaps in low-income and marginalized communities. Participate in the mission to redefine water affordability, recognizing it as a multifaceted issue that extends beyond monetary considerations. Support campaigns and initiatives that invest in water infrastructure, adjust rate structures, and ensure accessibility for all to pay their bills. Be a catalyst for positive change by embracing the One Water approach. Whether you're a policymaker, community organizer, business leader, or individual resident, your contribution matters. Water is a human right, and together, we can build resilient communities, reduce lead risks, and advance technology for efficient water service.

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See Something, Say Something

Anything other than stormwater that goes into a storm drain is an illicit discharge. If you see an illicit discharge report it at 509.625.7900

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