Water System Fluoridation Implementation Study

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The City of Spokane operates the third largest water system in the state of Washington. The Water Department's priority is to deliver safe, high-quality drinking water to its residents with efficient operations, while keeping rates affordable for our community. To inform future decisions, the City is completing a feasibility study to better understand the costs and implementation steps associated with providing fluoridated water to the community. The study will take about a year and a half to complete and is fully paid for with grant funds. City of Spokane's elected leaders are committed to a full and transparent public process throughout, including a public engagement period once the study is complete.

Fluoridation Implementation Study Frequently Asked Questions (PDF 246 KB)

Project Timeline

The study will be completed in three key phases of work described below.

Study Underway

February 2022


Collect Data & Develop Alternative

Completed Spring 2022


Evaluate Alternatives & Select Preferred Alternative

Underway Summer 2022


Prepare Conceptual Design of Selected Alternative

Expected Spring 2023

Study Complete, Next Steps

Summer 2023

Study Underway


In February 2022, City Council approved the contract to study the feasibility of delivering fluoridated water to Spokane’s customers, using its existing infrastructure. The City is working with a team of engineers, environmental scientists, and communications specialists to complete the study.

PHASE 1: Collect Data and Develop Alternatives

Completed Spring 2022


The project team:

  • Assessed the condition of existing drinking water well stations to identify what, if any, upgrades are needed to incorporate fluoridation into water delivery operations.
  • Developed criteria for the proposed fluoridation implementation alternatives.
  • Interviewed 20 stakeholders representing a cross-section of community views to inform outreach efforts for the study.

PHASE 2: Evaluate Alternatives and Select Preferred Alternative

Underway Summer 2022


The project team is:

  • Working to identify up to three preferred alternatives based on a review of technical standards, visits to peer cities with different fluoridation implementation options, analysis of environmental requirements, and consideration of operations and maintenance needs.
  • Applying criteria developed in Phase 1 to evaluate the alternatives and select the best fluoridation implementation approach for the City.

PHASE 3: Prepare Conceptual Design of Selected Alternative

Expected Spring 2023


The project team will:

  • Develop preliminary designs for the selected implementation alternative.
  • Prepare project capital and lifecycle cost estimates to include in the final study.


Final Study and Next Steps

In Summer 2023, the study will be finalized and shared with the City of Spokane's elected leaders who will determine next steps.

Contact Information

For more information:
Kirstin Davis
Communications Manager - Public Works
Email: fluoridesystemstudy@spokanecity.org