Water Efficiency: The Key to a Sustainable Future

Protecting and preserving our water resources is a long-term goal of the City and is part of our sustainability efforts. Using less water also translates into savings on utility bills. Water customers pay both a monthly base fee for water as well as a water consumption rate tied to the amount of water they use. Beginning in 2015, the City has instituted a wastewater bill discount for the lowest 20% of indoor water users.

In Spokane, water use more than triples in the summer time and now is the perfect time to make sure you're watering efficiently! The Spokane Water Department has resources available to help our customers reduce their water use and utility bills. Some of the free resources for our customers include:

Watering Can
  • Outdoor Conservation Kits-includes repair parts and hose nozzle
  • Indoor Conservation Kits- includes a low-flow shower head, aerators, and a toilet water saving device
  • Indoor Water Use Credit
  • SpokaneScape Turf Replacement Rebate Program
  • Educational Events and Presentations
Kitchen Sink and Faucet
  • Rain Barrel
  • Basalt Rock Lined Path