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Street Grading

Street Maintenance employees check and grade improved gravel streets twice a year if needed. This usually happens in the fall and in the spring. The City has 59 lane miles of improved gravel streets. Gravel shoulders are also done during our grading operations.

The City of Spokane doesn't oil graded streets but citizens can pay to have their street oiled for dust control. This is done by permit through the Public Works Department at 509.625.6300. After the permit is taken the Street Department receives notice and we will check and grade the street if necessary and then we will approve oiling the street. If an existing oiled street is determined to need grading, grading operations will be performed.

The City does not grade/maintain unpaved alleys.

The City also has 42 lane miles of unimproved dirt streets. Unimproved streets were never designed or built to City Standards; therefore the City does not maintain unimproved streets. Citizens who own parcels on unimproved streets or gravel streets can form a Local Improvement District (LID) to pay to have the street upgraded to current City Standards. Current City Standards require that streets be built with asphalt pavement, drainage structures, concrete curbs, landscape strips, and sidewalks. For more information on forming a Local Improvement District, see the Engineering Services Local Improvement Districts page.

Further questions please call 509.625.7733.

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